One google search away from being questioned under the Investigatory Powers Bill – I’m back!

Since I have way too much time on my hands I decided I would stop neglecting my blog.

I stopped blogging briefly after my holiday to the Isle of Man, this is because I was upping my game to get ready for the Great North Run and to concentrate on work.

I did run the GNR – and I kept up running afterwards (to be fair I think I’ve found my addiction) so I couldn’t be more proud of that this year. But not long after the GNR I had to go have a hemithyroidectomy (they removed half of my thyroid to get rid of a tumour) but I healed well and got back on the running!

But just as I was getting back into my stride, running regularly and planning my next half-marathon, I got a call from my doctor: they would need to remove the other half of  thyroid, soon, and I would need to have radio iodine therapy because I have papillary thyroid carcinoma – or to you and me: thyroid cancer.

Cue the instantaneous panic, thoughts of planning ones own funeral, thoughts I’ll never have kids, run a marathon, own a pig – the list was, at points, ridiculous and long.

But, I’m a pretty positive person (or I try to be) and I kept on running, working and just getting through it.

Fast forward and today I’ve had my thyroid removed, I’m sat on my sofa, in my pj’s, for the third day in a row after my two-night stay in hospital, with an abundance of energy, due to my body getting used to the levothyroxine, no work to do and I’ve been banned from running until the stitches are out – I’m about one day away from getting questioned under the Investigatory Powers Bill because all the random and odd things I’ve googled in boredom.

So, I decided I’d blog.

I’m back!

Ta Da!


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