Glen Wyllin, 5 mile afternoon tea and wallabies

The next stop from Silly Moos was our first campsite on the east of the island: Glen Wyllin.

I was really excited to stay in Glen Wyllin for two reasons: 1) there was a specifically gluten free tea rooms “near-by” (please note the sarcastic quotations now) and 2) Glen Wyllin is solid proof you don’t need to head down under to see wild wallabies.

Once we’d arrived at Glen Wyllin and set up camp we were eager to get exploring and eager to try some gluten free afternoon tea so we decided to take a bus to Sulby where the tea room was, meant to be, “near by”.

But on the way to Sulby there was a strange moment as we were walking round a bend and saw something peeking its head out of a verge, I was confused, as I initially thought it was a rabbit – but it was too big. That’s when I noticed it was a bloody wallaby!

I mean, we knew they were wild on the island since escaping from a private collection years ago – but we never banked on seeing one.

After this we arrived in Sulby for my afternoon tea – but there was no tea room to be found and after asking a local where it was he said: “Just up that road for 20 minutes.”

It wasn’t ‘just up that road’ and it wasn’t 20 bloody minutes – in fact five miles and one aching knee, on my part, later we were finally there.

Okaaay, it was one of the best gluten free afternoon teas, but part of me forgot one thing about being stubborn and carrying on walking there – we had to walk back.

I just couldn’t take this thought and, admittedly, I cried – a lot. Like full on tears!

A woman must have over heard my crying (to be fair, she wasn’t eavesdropping or anything, I’m a particularly loud crier and I was in such a state I wasn’t bothered about hiding it) and she offered us a lift back to Sulby – which we took happily.

Call me a baby or make fun of me for making a big deal about five miles – which I can run easily, most days, in under 50 minutes – but I have a torn ligament in my knee and I think it was sheer frustration of the public transport on the island – or there lack of…

Anyway, we got back, got the bus back I was happy to just relax knowing that, yes I’d probably lost a great deal of dignity crying in front of strangers, but I had a cracking good gluten free afternoon tea – and the bread was even nice!

The day wasn’t over though, oh no, it was still early, so we decided to go look out to the Irish side of the island and climb the rocks by the sea. It was beautiful weather that I can’t help but pine for now I’m back in Cumbria and it’s winter!


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