Point of Ayre

Visiting the Point of Ayre was one of those things I wanted to do on the Isle of Man because it’s was one of those things you do to say you’ve done it. But as I was slogging the 8-mile round-trip in, what only could be described as, torrential rain I wasn’t all too sure I wanted to do it anymore.

The forecast hadn’t give the best weather for the day we had planned to head to IOM’s northernmost point, but we thought we had pretty good water proofs and boots, it shouldn’t be too bad – that was the first time I was wrong that day. 

The second was thinking Cumbrian roads were horrific for bad travellers – I realised I was wrong with this as I was emptying my guts into a Bride tea-room toilets after one of the most horrific bus journey’s I’ve ever experienced: a 45 minutes bus ride from Ramsey to Bride, via every, bump, hill, sharp bend and rough road surface available on the north of the island. 

Once we got to Bride the weather had kept up but we were determined to get there. So after a quick warm-up in the tea rooms (after my moment) and a latte, we set off. In short the weather was awful, but I really wanted to say I had been the the island’s northernmost point and we plodded on. As never ending as it felt he sing to the point, the scenery was just beautiful. 

We saw centuries-old cottages and farms with thatched roofs – it was like we had been transported through pike, well, besides the random car every so often that splashed passé (none of which stopped to offer a lift when we look liked drowned rats).

Drowned rats for the win!
Once we get there it may have been miserable, but it was an incredible feeling to know we’d made it to the islands northernmost point. 
On top of the world – well, the Isle of Man at least!
I was less than enthusiastic to make the journey back to Bride, and I genuinely don’t think I would’ve made it back had it not been for the best travel buddy I could ask for – my fiancé. 
Once we made it back to the “village” – because, to be fair, you could hardly called Bride a village, more of a hamlet – we treated our cold selves to a pot of tea and a portion of chips. 

We were absolutely soaked through, in fact I think we found the breaking point to our raincoats, as they certainly were not waterproof when we got back to the tea room. 

It may have been a miserable day, but I’m quite glad we went to the Point of Ayre. Thought I can’t say I’d do it again – well, maybe in my car! 


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