Laxey, Ramsey and Silly Moos 

Once we were done with Douglas we packed up to head for Laxey – this, of course meant the four mile walk into Douglas so we could get the Manx electric railway up to Laxey.

I was used to small old railways that rattle – I’m from Cumbria after all – but the electric railway was something else. All the wood seemed to move in different directions as if it slide together worse than the ikea wardrobe I put up once. Put it this way, you could tell it was old, but it was an amazing experience you could see Douglas in a whole new way and as we headed into Laxey you could see the beautiful white sand and clear sea.

We decided to sit on the open carriage as the weather was atypical with that of a Spanish holiday, not that you’d expect of an island in the Irish Sea.

Once we got to Laxey, we managed a quick peek of the famous Laxey Wheel then headed to find the next campsite – this was an issue, the walk said half a mile from the station, it was more like three, then when we got there the campsite was full! Brilliant!

But, Luckily we made the plan that we’d just move on to our next campsite, a place Silly Moos – a funny name, but a place that turned out to be one of the best campsites you could ask for. We had a little bit more of a look around Laxey, pried me away from the woollen mill and buying stuff, and really admired the views of what I could only describe as a truly picturesque village.

Eventually, we managed  to hop back on the electric rail and headed up to Ramsay – this journey I can only describe in a Cumbrian way; psychically it was worse than a northern rail journey from Barrow to Carlisle, but it actually had 3G.

Ramsey was somewhere I was rather eager to see, mainly because it has a gluten free bakery and because it was on my list of  places to see in IOM.

Unfortunately, every time I went to the bakery it was closed – I was indescribably gutted.

Eventually we found a shop called Shoprite – arguably better for GF stuff than most places in Cumbria – loaded our bags and four. Silly Moos.

Silly Moos was brilliant – everything was painted in cow patch, it had a microwave and a hairdryer(!!!!!) this was major.

I wasn’t too amused with Birkenhead Scouts – basically they were loud, annoying scouse little buggers that got away with far too much, in comparison to my brownies days –  but Robert and I found a deck of cards and really let our competitive streak loose.

While we stayed at Silly Moos we also visited the Point of Ayre – but that one deserves a post all of its own!


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