A journey to Ellan Vannin aka The Isle of Man

Living the on the Cumbrian coast the Isle of Man is somewhere I’d always seen when I looked at across the water – on a clear day – but never been too, and always somewhere I wanted to go.

I’d missed the years of taking the bi-yearly ferry from the local town when I was young, so when Rob and I wanted an extended backpacking trip in prep for a planned Machu Piccu trip, away from Cumbria we took this as our perfect opportunity to visit the Ellan Vannin aka Isle of Man.

We decided to fly from Liverpool – as ferries are not the friend if a girl who suffers sea sickness – which was ace, except the three hour flight delay. Luckily it was a smooth half-hour flight that gave us spectacular views of not only IOM, but Cumbria.

When we arrived I initially  thought it would be just like England, but from the road signs, to the flags it was very obvious I was in a different country as every town name is followed by the translation into Manx Gaelic, and they all sounded like something straight out of a Tolkien novel.

We camped up and on day two we took our first trip in to the island’s capital- Douglas.

It was an easy three miles into the town and it was just beautiful. The bay is spectacular with a cute horse drawn carriage to take you round.

We decided on lunch on the harbour and found out that it’s not just the seagulls that you have to worry about – it’s the pigeon as one hopped up on Roberts leg while he had a sausage roll in hand, I jumped a bloody mile in shock!

After my traumatic pigeon experience we headed to the Manx museum. It reminded me a lot of a local museum back home – except, I must admit, they may be more patriotic and heritage proud than us Brits back home.

A cute little addition to the town was a flower display trail – my favourite was the bottle of popped bubbly – we didn’t get all of them but it was a fantastic way to see different part of Douglas.

After walking ten miles round the town we were definitely ready for bed and headed back to a, thankfully, quiet campsite.

It was a fantastic introduction to the Isle of Man and I was eager to see more.


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