Running with a cause

If you remember on my ‘this running girl can’ post I blogged about my fitness journey and my running journey and how, initially, I struggled with the motivation to actually get up an do it.

I am genuinely one of those people that gets up and thinks ‘urgh I really hate running and don’t want to go’ – but once I completed that 5k, 4 miles or 10k, I sit there and think ‘omg this is amazing – I feel brilliant’.

But I had to give myself a goal to get myself motivated so I picked the Great North Run, which I’m running for the British Heart Foundation, because this charity is close to my heart.

My Mam died of a heart condition in 2013, at age on 47, this was a huge blow to me and as I’ve got older I do worry about my own heart.

So not only my vanity and fitness levels became my motivation, but my health was included too and all for this goal to do the GNR16.

I’ve been training now since May and in that time I’ve run, nearly, 120 miles! Never in my life did I think this was possible – but it is for me and anyone!

Also in that time I’ve completed the West Cumbria Hospice at Home colour run and the Race for Life. I’m not only proud of myself for completing these, but I’m proud of myself for finding them easy to do and also I was able to help two more causes.

I was able to contribute to charity that helps people in my local community with the colour run and recently my colleagues wife, who has run the race for life in the past, got diagnosed with breast cancer and I was so proud I was able to run it, with her daughter, when she wasn’t able to.

I feel like my running has a cause and as I draw closer the the GNR and I accomplish more, such as finding longer distances easy, it just feels more real and doable.

So wish me luck with the rest of my training and my 3rd 10k tomorrow – also wish me luck with my physio, as I warn you now that if you start running something will start hurting and for me it’s my knee, but  with the motivation, my strict routine and my determination to run for a cause, it feels worth it!

Ciao for now,



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