Since around March/April time I’ve been left some less-than-wanted comments on my blog – but as my Dad say’s: if you put it online you put it up to be criticised, and I couldn’t agree more. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and since what I’ve experience in the past with having my blog hacked etc. it doesn’t phase me – sticks and stones and all that.

The comments don’t bother me, they’re quite sad, which is why I haven’t mentioned them – until now. I’m mentioning them now because there has been a reoccurring comment popping up on post’s where I’ve been somewhere or done something exciting and that is: ‘go on a real adventure’.

The comment implies that because I haven’t flown half way across the world for a holiday that what I’ve done isn’t an adventure. But why? Why isn’t a trip to London – somewhere mega out of my comfort zone – an adventure? Why isn’t hiking 15 miles for a camping trip an adventure? Why isn’t living in a city clear across the country from my home, an adventure?

Because to me, they all are.

Adventure – noun: an unusual and exciting or daring experience.

Going to London was unusual and exciting – and due to the unfortunate bomb scare at the time it was bloody daring to risk the tube!

Living in Brighton was daring for me, it was so unusual and everything I took  part it was exciting.

Hiking 15 miles and camping in the middle of the fells was daring – one wrong step I could’ve been killed – it was exciting because it was a chance to get away from everything and it was unusual because I woke up to be greeted by dozens of horses, Herdwicks and cows!

So are these not an adventure? Adventures are what you make of them.

An adventure, could be driving down a road you never have before, it could be trying a new food, camping instead of staying in a hotel, running with your dog on the beach, starting a new relationship, getting a new job, having a baby and, yes, it could be travelling across the world to a new country. But just because it isn’t the latter doesn’t make it any less of an adventure.

So enjoy your adventures even if it’s trying a new type of tea, I know I will and I do!

Ciao for now!


One thought on “Adventures

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve had some nasty comments. The trolls will forever live behind their keyboards and screens, never actually becoming a valid part of your life. have fun on your adventure! X

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