Take a hike

Originally Robert and I thought about doing a three week trek around Machu Picchu, because it was somewhere we’d always wanted to go and going for any less time would make the journey pointless. However due to work and prior engagements we decided we’d find an adventure closer to home – this is when we decided to go hiking and camping around the Isle of Man next month for nine days._DSC1569

In prep for this we’ve taken to going for hikes and camping on the beautiful scenery that is the Lake District and we started closest to home – a 14 mile round hike to Ennerdale Water, camping one night.

Both of us hadn’t walked to and from our camping destination since our school days and my DoE days – which I wasn’t good at it back then, so, I personally had a bit of dread for the walk and carrying, but since working out for the Great North Run 2016, I found it was  fantastic couple days walking and camping!

We felt a bit like numpty’s setting off from our house in our suburban surroundings with our rucksacks, but once we hit the back roads it was a stunning walk.


The weather had it’s best intentions – but with the scorching heat and sun it was like backpacking through the bloody Sahara. But I was fortunate enough to come away from the experience with a tan.

There was plenty of hills, which I expected from the Lake District and we weren’t short of cows and sheep – including my favourite; Herdwicks –  on the road next to us on the fell roads.

Once we got there and collapsed for a bit we headed down to the lake and, of course, the pub!

The camping was, surprisingly, comfortable and the camping food was lovely!

Our walk home was knackering and there’s nothing quite as disheartening than seeing people pass you on their bikes to the lake to then pass you again when you reach home.


But, all in all, it was a great time and 7 miles was one of our longest walks on IOM so if we’ve conquered it now it should be a fab adventure for us!

Wish us luck!



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