Drinking on a work night

I went to see a comedian the other night and he said he hand drunk alcohol in a while because the last time he did he woke up with one sock on and covered in quavers… I know we’ve all been there, but it just reminded me of my recent drinking fail that came about because I actually decided to go sober after Christmas.

Most people would say they need to drink less, but, since a recent night reporting on a gig, I think I need to have more glasses of vino in the week.

After Christmas I went on a bit of a health kick because the frequent tests I was having done on my tumor meant I couldn’t drink and so I’d been sticking to OJ or the good ol’ Diet Coke on a night out.

A few weeks ago I went to review my friends band for the paper and as my tests were all done I thought nothing of ordering a glass of wine at the bar as I would’ve at any event with a bar in the past and normally s glass of two wouldn’t phase me when reviewing.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

A glass and a half in and my mind felt as though I’d been doing vodka shots along side strong cocktails with my besties. I was merry to say the least. What was worse, I was merry (verging on drunk) meant to be working and it was a Sunday night!

I’ve never got drunk at an event I was reporting on, it’s so highly unprofessional.

I did two and a half months of sobriety and I seemed to have reverted to my 16 year old self who can’t handle her alcopops

Ultimately, I was so embarrassed.

Still sober enough to realsie when to switch to diet coke.

My body had got so used to not drinking that two glasses of wine meant I was ready to go home.

I also feel like I forgot the basic rules of having a drunk at a work event: pace yourself and drink plenty of water inbetween. What a knob, I know!

In my defence I was rather composed and remained sober enough to realise I was getting drunk that I could switch to Coke and in the morning I was lucky I could remember it all crystal clear and my shorthand was all legible. Also,thankfully, I wasn’t at the drunk stage I was giving the entire pub a table dance.

I didn’t learn any valuable life lessons from this, in honesty but I have decided with a lot of events coming up it’s probably best to crack open a bottle (or two) mid week in preparation – I know what an excuse to drink, well it’s that or spend an evening being asked if I’m pregnant all night again because I’m only ordering juice and Coke!


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