I’m not high up on the feminist scale but – #InternationalWomensDay

I do not boast to be a huge active feminist – perhaps I should be. After all, I am Cumbria’s youngest newspaper editor and I am woman.

I love the history of women in Britain and how we’ve developed. But I’ve just never been big into the feminism fight. It could be for one or many reasons, but they’re not worth going into.

What is worth going into is my recent attachment to the feminism fight. A good while ago, on a whim, I entered the Georgina Henry Prize for Innovation Award run by the Women in Journalism UK. Lo and behold, it came as a huge surprise to me, I got shortlisted and I shall be attending this years Press Awards for 2015 – like the journalism equivalent of the Oscars.

IMG_2273 (2)
A fantastic read for #InternationalWomensDay by Maureen Hill and the Daily Mail

After being shortlisted and having a do a few, embarrassing, local interviews about it I finally got around to really reading about the work the other shortlisters do and I felt a huge pride in women.

These women are, hopefully including myself, are going to make a difference and if we all succeed, we could be the women that are mentioned on International Women’s Day in the future.

Women are incredible, women deserve to be paid as much as men for the same job, women have been fighting to have their voices heard for donkeys years. And if anything women are tenacious and persistent – we definitely don’t know how to give up a fight.

I’m not jumping on the feminism band-wagon and joining the protests picket line any time soon – unless of course I’m reporting on them.

Mainly because I have my own way of doing things, I have my own beliefs and I like to give a voice to people through my work and journalism and I want to continue being able to give a voice to more people – which is why I entered this award.

I may not be the most active on the feminist scale or greatly high up. But I’m on there. I have the up most respect for women who fight for there beliefs (within reason, obviously) and try to make the world equal for women.

I know a lot of people will be talking about Emmeline Pankhurst, Emily Davidson, Marie Curie and very significant women who have made a difference. Now I respect them all, but I’m going to give you all a quick list of ladies who I credit my inspiration to:

  • Lady Sarah Wilson – First woman war correspondent during the Second Boar War for the Daily Mail.
  • Anna Quindlen – Journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1992 (the year I was born.)
  • Harper Lee – She wrote To Kill a Mocking Bird and Go Set a Watchman and in each she told it like it was and left to airs or graces.
  • My Mam – she had so many illnesses (including a heart defect, she had suffered a stroke and heart attacks), had five children and we weren’t rich but she made sure we wanted for nothing, she was a strong woman who made her own way in life. She died age 47 in 2013.
  • Women who worked in the mines in Cumbria – a bit vague, but these women effectively done the men’s jobs along with them.

I was once told by my Mam and my Nana, that where I’m from, throughout history, women just got on with it. They were mothers, workers, teachers, miners, farmers, nurses. They didn’t shout about the hard work, we’re so secluded there was no fence to chain to for votes. They were silent warriors and I respect them for that. They had a strength like no other, to me, and they will always be an inspiration to me.

So happy International Women’s Day – and whilst getting caught up in it all, don’t forget International Men’s Day Saturday, November 19. Also, I want to hear no groans about this – women want equality and respect, then it should be for both sexes.

Ta ta for now,


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