Taking the Dechox challenge for Mum’s who should be here!

I saw a quote somewhere that said: “Once you consume chocolate, chocolate will consume you.” And don’t I know it! I LOVE chocolate, in fact, one of my earliest memories is going into Woolies with my Granda – ‘da’ – and him taking a chocolate out of the pick’n’mix and sneaking it down to me. It’s a wonderful product.

My Mam also loved chocolate so in her memory I’ve gone on a Dechox for March to raise money for British Heart Foundation.

Ribbet collagemammy
I love chocolate, but I’d love to see other people not lose their Mother’s more!

This charity meant a lot to her and myself. She had a heart condition before she passed away and eventually she died due to tunnelling arteries, an irregular heartbeat and a heart attack in 2013 – she was on 47 years old.

We knew she had angina, but her ultimate cause of death was a huge shock and something that wasn’t diagnosable in life.This is something I want to change.

My Mam will never go shopping with me again, never see my wedding day or the birth of my first child and we will never be able to share chocolate cake between us again – but I want other people to be able to do this.


I’m chucking the chocolate and going on a DECHOX for the whole of March to help the British Heart Foundation fund its life saving heart research. That means absolutely no chocolate bars, no chocolate cake, no choccy biscuits with my tea, not even any chocolate sprinkles on my cappuccino are allowed. And that’s why I need your help.

I’ve done this for nearly a week now and, frankly, I already want to visit my friend in Birmingham so I can ransack Cadbury World. I’t soooooo hard!!!!!

I’ve even giving it up for Easter!!!!!

I’m doing this though because I want something to change, I don’t have a Mam on Mother’s Day today, but I don’t want other children and young people to feel like I have these past few weeks on the run up.

If you can please sponsor me by donating on my PAGE today.

Thank you for all your help, and show you Mum you love her all year round, not just on Mother’s Day, because you never know what the future will hold and how many more Mother’s Days you’ll have to share.

Enjoy your day all,

ta ta for now,


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