“Often those that criticise others reveal what he himself lacks.” ― Shannon L. Alder

I’m at a stage in my life and I live in a small enough area to know not to judge people by what others have said about them – because, frankly, if I did I would dislike everyone and have no friends.

To me it feels a very immature thing to do, very juvenile. It reminds me of the days your bestie would dump someone/get dumped and you would have to automatically hate him as much or more so than her.

And to be perfectly honest when I make an effort not to do something it makes me irate to have it happen to me.

I don’t expect everyone I encounter to like me, in an ideal world it would be lovely, but life is simply not that way.
But when I make a concious effort to be so nice to someone, because I think they’re alright as a person, then to have them very openly judge me and mock me (albeit I think the open mocking and judging was not intended for me to hear – but I did.) is a bit of a piss take.

Just because your friend dislikes someone does that give you the right to judge them on the rumours a friend feeds? And does doing so just make you  a bit of a silly beggar?

This happened to me recently and normally I wouldn’t be too pissed off with the people being judgemental, as a woman we get used to it, but in this case there was no personal reason to be that way, despite what anyone has said to them.

I read a post on THIS SITE and I definitely agreed with it. There’s no reason to judge b507151c80ad8c33b2fe5e3a5c115e46people on the rumours you’ve heard about, you have your own mind, your own opinions and you have nothing to prove to anyone especially if all they have to feed you is rumours.

( Food for thought: If all they have to say is rumours about someone who has been nothing but nice to you what does it really say about them)

I understand we live in a small area and gossip can be thin at times, but just because we live in a place filled with sheep doesn’t mean you have to be one.

Ciao for now far out people x

NB: Images sourced from Pinterest with THIS search.


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