The five year engagement

Six years ago today I met my fiancé.PicMonkey Collage

I was just 17 and he was nearly 21. I was in the equivalent of year 12  and he had a full time job as a swimming teacher. He was in a relationship and I was single. When you look at it that way there was a lot of differences between us and it couldn’t happen. But it did.

Six years later and, I hate to be ridiculously cliché, but, I think, we’re stronger than ever.

We’ve been through a lot in six years. We got engaged almost five years ago, been through traumatic events together (such as the death of my Mam and various surgeries), got a house together, had a long distance relationship (reluctantly), dealt with scorned ex’s, worked together, lived together, travelled together and even cancelled not one but two weddings, all together.

We didn’t plan to have such a long engagement, but we’ve been through a bloody lot!

Firstly, I wanted to wait until I’d finished uni, then we booked a venue and my Mam passed away. Then we went to book it again and I wanted to wait until I’d finished my journalism qualifications. This time we started sorting it again and I found out I had another tumour, which we thought wouldn’t be a problem, until we found out my surgery and treatment would be really near the date and the healing time is drawling.

Some people would take it as a sign, but not us. We just take it as another detour on the journey. And I can take it as another year of wedding planning to make everything perfect.

We haven’t had a perfect relationship. We haven’t had the easiest. But we’re happy, together and that’s what matters. And, I read somewhere some marriages don’t last six years.

Six years is a milestone and I’m happy to say – six years ago today I met my fiancé.


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