Today I saw Fantastic Mr Fox

I’ve started a personal campaign to get fitter before Christmas, so two weeks ago, I got up at 6.30am and went for my first run in ages.

Skip forward to today and, by almighty, I haven’t given up – I have had the odd day off for whatever reason, but have filled this gap with an ab an thigh routine.

But let me stop you here in thinking I like exercising – I don’t – in fact when I’m out on my run the first thing I want to do is think of ways of justifying cutting it short and lying to myself. Today was one of those days.

I set off a bit later today at 7.30am, as it’s a Sunday, but it was windy, bleak and horrific out. But I put my sweats on, running shoes, hoodie and hat and set off for my jog/run.

Every few minutes or so I had my course playing on my mind and had literally no motivation  to carry on with my run.

But as I came up the first hill, I was stopped dead in my tracks, I saw a fox.


I like foxes, I don’t generally have the time of day for anyone who wants to shoot them. I even have a fox onesie. So, I stopped to take a photo.

It moved slightly, and even without my glasses on I could see it didn’t have all of it’s tail.

It looks like it had been a victim of Roald Dahl’s character’s Borris, Bunce and Bean, so I decided it was going to be my Mr Fox.

But as it scarpered off for survival, just as I was going to take a photo of it, I thought, just like the character, Mr Fox had managed to carry on surviving and living with only part of his tail and if this small creature could survive in suburban Brighton, unwanted, unloved and with half a tail, then I could finish a run, but also I could finish my course.

That fox by just carrying on everyday with it’s life in danger gave me the motivation to carry on with what I needed to do.

So that’s the story of how I met Fantastic Mr Fox and how he inspired me to survive anything that comes my way, because  that if he can, I can.

P.S. I must also mention that Fantastic Mr Fox is my absolute favourite Roald Dahl book. Which I’m glad even in my adult years can inspire me in my life!

I will leave you with a picture of me in a fox onesie!



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