I can do this – breaking down my metaphorical brick wall

I’m all for being an independent single free woman, but I can’t help feeling sometimes we just need a strong man to give us a cuddle. Well, this was how I was feeling as I was a bottle of wine away from jumping off Brighton Pier at the weekend.

I’d just taken my media law and court reporting exam, and though I had a ‘eureka’ moment during my court exam and remembered a law, I was determined I’d failed, because I’ve never been amazing at recalling information in exams, (and the last exam I’d taken was when I was like 16, not having any at uni) which created an inner-metal block for all my other exams, like shorthand.

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but I’m quite good at shorthand – though to be fair I did have the advantage of doing it at uni, then using it in practice in the working world for over a year – but I’d convinced myself I couldn’t do it and the idea of going beyond the 60 wpm qualification I already have was buggered.

Plus I don’t think the sudden drop in temperature has helped – at all!

But, I got my law and court results back this week and, YAY, I bloody went and passed it didn’t I? (In fact I passed rather better than I thought I would!)

I guess all that revision really payed off – and the new hat helps too 😉

This triumph, as I’ve tried to think of it, has really pushed me on and though I’d began over thinking shorthand and slowed myself, and I’ve got right back on the hose and thought I am bloody nervous, I do feel ready to tackle tomorrow’s exam.

I have more lovely things to tell you all about, but I’ve been a terrible blogger and forgotten to blog over the past couple of weeks.Things such as rubbing shoulder with the men and women who rule the journalism world, London a couple of weeks ago.

I do endeavour to blog about them very soon. But I shall be drilling 1oo wpm shorthand for a little bit and writing and editing articles, as though I may be 400 miles away from home, I still am Cumbria’s answer to Lois Lane and youngest (and *cough* best *cough* who said that?) editor, so I must get on.

Ta ta for now!


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