Hey ho let’s go

My first week has been mental. I’ve been lost, confused, excited, in love and pretty busy.

After day one I was a little panicked. But after my first shorthand lesson, it’s like I was taken right back to the moment I fell in love with the skill and fell in love all over again. Although, it takes me all my might not to read ahead. But it’s ok being this enthusiastic (or sad) because I never was at school, so it’s all being channelled now.

Media Law I also love a bit as I do reporting, but frankly, I’d be in the wrong profession if I wasn’t even curious about learning more on each subject.

We had a visit from MySociety marking and community cation manager, Myfanwy Nixon. MySociety build online tools websites to “Make it easier to access democracy”.

My society has built sites such as whatdotheyknow.com, writertothem.com, and fixmystreet.com, among others, all aimed at helping the public find out the information they are entitled to, if they so wish.

This made me nearly as happy as shorthand!
This made me nearly as happy as shorthand!

I’d heard of this, but never actually done one or sought the need to – except of course when I’ve had the curiosity to ask my local council what to do in the state of a zombie apocalypse. But besides that I put a few in with some successful FOI requests – one, after I’ve done a bit of digging I think could be a very interesting scoop.

The end to my week was interesting as I experienced reposting on my first refugee rally and even got an interview with Caroline Lucas MP, (Lois Lane at work there) which lead me to making my first real piece of video journalism, without a trained cameraman – not fond of at the mo. But as my dad says, I can’t be perfect at everything! (I am joking here honestly!) And, I did eventually find Choccywoccydoodah, even if it was by accident, when I was lost the first time.

The only downside to my day was how exhausted I was and ended up falling asleep on on the bus, waking up over half an hour later and realising I was lost in Brighton – though, bravely, I did manage to keep it together until I got home and cried on facetime to my loved ones out of embarrassment, with a Disney film on, just for good measure – as you do.

All in all, not my most unsuccessful first week ever, in fact, it’s been a pretty exciting one and all of my course mates are absolutely lovely, brilliant even- I mean, could I ask for more? (Well, maybe to understand technology better…)

My first account may not have been as positive, but this week I have seen the sunshine, and got a bit of sunburn too. Bring on week two.


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