“I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” – Dorothy Gale, The Wizard of Oz.

I wasn’t intentionally channeling my inner Meg Cabot with the title, but this quote pretty much summed up my first day in Brighton – well if you change Kansas for Cumbria.

After eight hours driving (well, Robert driving) and nearly 400 miles of road behind me, I’d made it to Brighton to start a short course at the Argus and really become the best editor I can for my paper back in Cumbria,

There was very little I knew about Brighton as made the journey here, in fact I really only knew a handful of things:

  1. It has the famous Brighton pier.
  2. It has the Indian style pavilion
  3. It’s a capital for gay culture (or at least this is what us northerners are lead to believe further south that what we know of Manchester’s Canal Street.)
  4. It gave birth to Choccywoccydoodah
  5. It’s ridiculously far away from the country bumpkin life in Cumbria I have become accustomed to.

Ok, the last one wasn’t about Brighton, but you can understand it’s not something I knew tonnes about.

After a short hour exploring the city my fiancé and I turned to each other and actually said the same thing, “We are not in Kansas anymore”. Brighton, is a colourful, loud, fast paced and historic seaside city and so different to life that I’m used to.

A bittersweet photo op for a posey pic!
A bittersweet photo op for a posey pic whilst checking out what’s on offer in Brighton – well, the pier of course!

To much dismay of the local’s I seem to have dubbed it ‘the southern Blackpool’ due to how it reminds me of the northern fair town, but with the fast pacing and culture of a southern city. In fact, all that seems to missing is a bunch of crossdressing guys on a stag do, but then again, I may have simply missed the party with this one.

I initially felt a little disappointed with the lacklustre start as had, especially after reading so many blogs of others coming to Brighton for the first time and having unanimous love at first sight moments.

I do however, feel it is a city with a lot to offer, and though, admittedly, I was initially in utter annoyance with the place and frankly taken aback with the fact the place is more of a maze to get round than London, I am really up for giving it a try and I know one thing Brighton has most definitely done for me so far: it has really solidified that being a journo is the job for me; as with UK press authority pass snuggly in my bag it took all my will not to whip it out and try to get into every event I saw to review it as it was killing me I couldn’t – true editor at work there.


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