It’s none of your business!

I remember being nine, writing in my diary and having my sister look over and going: “What’re you writing?” and me replying: “It’s none of your business”.

I also remember being 14 and having a girl coming up to me in between lessons at school and saying “I think you should go out with Tom, he’s really cute and fancies you.” (obviously all the reasons to seek a relationship with a boy I didn’t fancy), but I remember replying “It’s none of your business.”

Very true Mr. Cow!

Then when I started going out with Robert and his ex went a bit boiling the bunny about it, her friend got in touch with Rob and said “If you ask me, Bobby [a former nickname of his – he hates] I don’t think you should be with Rachael” to which we both replied (mainly him) “It’s none of your business”.

The difference between the first two scenarios and the latter is this girl wasn’t in her teens or a child she was in her early/mid-twenties and in comparison was less yielding than the former two to this very apt response.

So when do people eventually grow up and realise when it’s genuinely, none of their business?

I was out during summer and a situation arose for a friend of mine and I did all I thought was right to do as her friend in this situation: give her my advice, let my friend make her own decisions and keep my nose out from interfering. I’m, unfortunately, nearing my mid-twenties now and I have learnt, in all these years of learning, when it’s ok to stick my nose in and when it isn’t.

However there are so many people out there that haven’t seemed to realise you’re not a kid anymore and interfering in a friends life can be more damaging to a situation that simply reigning your neck in. Such as, I had another friend who deemed it appropriate to stick their nose in this summer, which I didn’t agree with and was made to look the bad guy for minding my own business. I didn’t get it.

Whether we think we’re being helpful, good friends or it could be some of us are addicted to drama and simply don’t have enough of it in our lives (I honestly have enough!) but some people can’t help it.

I think we learn our places as we get older and I think sometimes it takes longer than others. I know I’ve been guilty of it in the past, but I think it’s like life, it’s all a learning game and eventually everyone needs to realise when it’s none of your business.


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