The man I want

I was going to do a post following up my last one, but as I tidied my old room I once again stumbled across some daft diaries I had when I was little and definitely going to marry Leonardo Dicaprio or Prince William(and/or Harry – I wasn’t fussy).

I once wrote about how I wanted to marry a prince, live in a castle and go riding every day (because I clearly hadn’t discovered saddle-sores but this point!). This is a bit over the top, I know (but are we surprised?) but when I was 9 this was the man I wanted,

I then remembered being 14 and wanting to not necessarily get married, but have some major epic love affair with some super sexy celeb like Orlando Bloom, during my pursuit of becoming an Oscar winner. It was going to be perfect, romantic, sip  champagne and go out whenever and wherever we like, but a 14 this glamourous lifestyle and super perfect guy was the man I wanted.

This shows (in a vague nutshell) how the men/boys/guys we want and attain to have change as we do.

Now, with a few years of life experience under my belt, I’ve finally got the details exactly what man I want.

I want a man who thinks my weird kind-of-snoring is cute. That rubs my back when I’m sick and puts vapour rub on my chest. That thinks I look sexy when my hair goes like a lion’s mane. That doesn’t, outwardly cringe when I sing in the car. I want a man who’ll give me his shoes at the end of the night. That will put me to bed and take my make up for me when I fall asleep because he know’s what it’ll do to my skin. I want a guy who’ll run me a bath and bring me my favourite cuppa. That’ll bring me my favourite book and go see Fifty Shades with me. A man that will understand my work is stressful sometimes and bring me a hot water bottle when I need one. A man that will walk the dogs on the beach with me and admit when he’s getting into my soaps! That’ll be a bestie when I need one, make an effort with my friends and be part of my family to my two main men – my dad and my lil man!

I also want a man who’ll call me out for being an idiot and tell me to shush when I talk too much (which I do, admittedly). A man that’ll tell me to calm down and tell me off for procrastinating. That will tell me to get off my arse if I whinge about my weight and tell me no (even if he eventually give in to yes) – This just scratches the tip of what kind of man I want – now if we weren’t all so sure where this is going, he’d sound too good to be true!

This is not only the man I want, but the man I have! I have all this and more and wouldn’t change it for a prince of a wild celeb love affair any day! So here’s me with the man I wanted – and have!



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