What a few weeks – part one!

What a few weeks I’ve had! As I lie in bed, recovering from some horrid bug, I’ve had some time to think of all the wonderful things I’ve done over the past few weeks and they really have been amazing.

This time two weeks ago I was in London making a mini holiday of an inconvenient and yet very successful journey and a few days later I was reminded, again, why journalism is something I love intently as I gossiped with Nicky Clarke (and his glamorous girlfriend), and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, talked theatre with Oz Clarke and did some of the most shorthand I’ve EVER done in my life! A few days before London, I was at a black tie event, covering it for the paper and recently I’ve been getting very excited in work for our own event and with a charity I work with for their big upcoming event. And I really feel like I haven’t stopped, which has probably lead to me getting rather ill and needing to curl up in bed, in a onesie with an enormous amount of food!

I’ve decided to break these down in to a mini series of posts in attempt not to bore my lovely readers – so here goes:

I went to London because I was one of the very fortunate few who had been given an interview with the Journalism Diversity Fund, who have the ability to grant bursaries for those who think are the most in need of them and more deserving in order to help them further their journalism studies.

I covered shorthand and other skills needed to be a journalist in uni, however I really wanted to complete my prelims in order to be the best editor of the paper I could be, as though I’ve become rather accomplished through my own learning, the only way I can grow in my career is by completing these, however a course costs over three grand (!!) and that’s without living expense, and I simply couldn’t afford that.

I don’t come from a very privileged background, though my parents always made sure I never needed for anything, paying for something like this was never in the books, especially since my Dad is unable to work these days to care for my little brother with learning difficulties, so when I applied, I had my fingers crossed and I hoped, but I was surprised I got the interview, yet incredibly overjoyed. Only one problem, it was in London.

Now, if you know me, you know that I have a love-hate relationship with London. I Love doing things there, but I generally dislike it and I have a feeling it hates me too. It’s so fast paced and bloody expensive!

So, my lovely Fiance said we should make a week of it and have a mini holiday. Which I wasn’t going to oppose. So he saved and treated me to a little getaway and while we were there I had the most wonderful trip to London ever!

I had VERY POSH afternoon tea in Harrods, took a selfie with a Lemur at the zoo, saw where dear ol’ Liz lives, engorged in my nerdy lovely of history at the Natural History Museum, let out my arty side at the Tate with the Pre-Raphaelites, lost myself in Lush Oxford St, experienced Camden Market, became the bane of all waiters, by removing the service charge, and got a bit chilly and a bit tipsy at the London Icebar -just to name a few activities (and that was on my budget!)

The best brew ever, Lemur selfie and a very chilled drink!
The best brew ever, Lemur selfie and a few chilled drink!
Looking very sophisticated at the ball, a VERY post spread and the lovely flowers my Editor-in-Chief and his lovely partner gave me as a congratulations!
Looking very sophisticated at the ball, a VERY post spread and the lovely flowers my Editor-in-Chief and his lovely partner gave me as a congratulations!

When it came to the last day, the day of the interview, I was bricking it! I’d never been so nervous, not even when I got my uni results back! But they were so nice to me. There was a panel of three very accomplished journalists and JDF staff and they were fab with me. The questions weren’t ridiculous and they actually didn’t seem to mind I digressed at times, thankfully, as I assume that was a lot.

It was a bit intimidating, mainly because there was three of them and one of me, but like I said they were nice and weren’t scary.

The next week I got a phone call from one of panel and I was literally over the moon to find out I had the bursary and it covered my tuition fees and living expenses. I don’t think there’s been many moments in a long time where I’ve been as happy as I am now and I really can’t wait to get there and get back with my gold standard.

What I really love about the JDF is they don’t just hand out bursaries, but they also offer support throughout and after the course.

I couldn’t be happier! So, I’ll be off to Brighton for a bit in September, yes that is like 396 miles away from where I currently am, but I know it’ll be all worth it in the end!


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