2015, So far, in Instagram!

I love instagram, it’s a way of seeing my life in tiny squares on your mobile or tablet. I think it’s a great way for me to look back on what I’ve done, how daft I’ve been and how I felt that day – So I’ve done a catch up of what I’ve been doing in 2015, so far all via instagram! Plus I was actually interested to see what I’d been doing so far since we’re already in MARCH!

inst1 inst2 inst3

Starting January in style – then falling dramatically!

inst4 inst5inst6

Doing what I love most – reading various things!

inst7 inst8

Having the best times with the bestie!

inst9 inst10  inst12 inst13inst16inst11

So many #selfie moments – from poorly wrapped up winter shots, a quick snap at work or even one for charity!

inst14 inst15


Procrastinating to the max by creating the ‘unidog’ instead of doing work – and being totally in love for my anniversary with the best guy in the world (n’awww!)

So, that’s my 2015, so far, in instagram – I’d love to see what you all get up to – don’t forget to follow me @Rachaelmarieg!

P.S. Pinch, Punch, First of the month!


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