It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

…Everywhere you go!

Mince pies, Christmas Cakes, Alcohol, Friends, Family, Advertisements, Festivities, Take That tickets; all signs that Christmas is most certainly on its way and I couldn’t be more excited!

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Christmas Eve is finally here, but I’ve been in the festive spirits since I saw the first Christmas adverts, then when my birthday hit (and I was feeling twenty-twoooeeeoo) the excitement built further, (especially with my exciting gift of Take That tickets!) but now, it’s Christmas eve and I’ve spent the day decorating the Christmas cakes and puddings, that I’d been feeding  i.e drowning, with alcohol with for months now, making mince pies and fairy cakes (with gorgeous homemade jam and freshly whipped cream) watching lovely Christmas films with the most important people in my life and occasionally staring over at the gifts under the tree willing myself to gain the ability of x-ray vision so I can peek at what my amazing Fiancé has asked the big guy in red to bring me for the big day.

I’ll be honest for the past week I’ve been wearing festive headbands and hats to work – which isn’t compulsory, just my own idea to keep things and Christmassy as possible!

However, one of the most wonderful things about Christmas for me, is that I have a 7 year old brother, which means the magic and belief in Santa is here for us all to enjoy and play to. It means writing letters to Santa and of course leaving him a mince pie and a glass of milk – not forgetting a carrot for Rudolph (Though this year he has insisted on a pear for the Reindeers, as carrots as ‘so overdone by everyone else! – He’s seven going on seventeen really!)

It truly is a wonderful time of year, and even though my Mam is no longer with me, I’ve most definitely successfully fitted into the role of running around like a blue-arsed-fly trying to make everything perfect for my nearest and dearest!

So Merry Christmas Eve everyone I hope you’ve all been nice (and naughty in the best way!) to get all those lovely gifts and enjoy tomorrow with all of your loved ones, then proceed to get thoroughly paralytic on Boxing Day after taking advantage of all those lovely sales!

Merry Christmas!


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