It’s amazing what you can find on the internet!

I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. I love the endlessness and amazing abilities however I hate it for this same reason.

I’d always been told; ‘be careful what you put on social, media, because possible future employers will check it’ – at the time, I thought ‘meh’ – however though I’m a reporter I also recently was lucky enough to get a job as a content copywriter for a very prestigious company and during the interview stages I’d discovered that my boss had done exactly that and done his research, on me that is!superman_facebook_nightmare

This didn’t and doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I have nothing to hide – I did however cringe (outwardly may I add!) when he mentioned he’d seen my myspace and bebo pages from nearly 10 years ago! After going home I decided to try and find this myself, to no luck – because if you know me at all, I generally fail with the internet; in 2012, my email account got hacked and I genuinely had no idea how someone would even do that!

When I was in work I asked my boss how he found out so much, he simply said ‘oh it’s easy, you can just search someone’ he also showed me a site that can show you what a website looked like way back when – Which when I got home, helped me find a blog I really wanted, but got deleted when I was hacked.

I always knew the police could go all MI5 on your internet history and find out exactly what you’ve done, but did I have any idea that someone’s who’s not a government -super-genius could do it? Nope. I mean my boss is ridiculous clever and skilled with computers, the internet and websites, but I didn’t really have a clue how easy it was for anyone to do.

Though, I’ve always known it, it truly is wonderful what you can find and do on the internet, and that daft video of you dancing to Avril Lavigne’s ‘Girlfriend’ or that piczo site you made ten years ago can be found, and if someone wants to, they will.

It can show you the different sides to people, what they hide behind the perfect façade, and in the case of when I had a little search, you can find things that people put up in youth, stupidity, anger, or simply for a laugh; tried to delete, but however it really is still there for anyone to see, if they want to find it that is.

Nothing truly every get’s deleted, the internet is forever expanding, and even this post will be on it forever, which in comfort if a hacking ever did happen it turns out I can find it all again and in the case of those bullies who thought they’d deleted the comments they sent; nope, they’re all still there…


It’s truly amazing what you can find on the internet, though i’ve discovered it does make you miss the days when you could tear up that disposable print and it would be gone!

So if my boss is reading, thank you for my amazing job, I love it and HI!


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