You’re SUCH a Drama Queen, a Hypochondriac and just a right whinge!

Though my job title may be Reporter and Digital Copywriter; you may know I did a drama degree and if you’ve been to uni you know that there can be a fair share of drama on any degree – well times that by 10 and you’ve got the amount of drama that crops up on a drama one – so I’m fairly used to it.

Also if you ask any member of my family you’d been told I’m a little bit of a “drama queen” – maybe making more of a situation then needs to be, or being a bit overly dramatic with illnesses (Once even lying in bed with flu and convincing myself, in the hysteria of it all, may I add, I had ebola, TB and pneumonia) – though, google searching your symptoms is never a good option; as usually they end in me having cancer or being pregnant.

But 9 out of 10 times, I know I’m being a bit dramatic, like with that illness, but I know when I’m not, as I genuinely don’t cope well with needles or blood and need to have my handheld for my flu jab every year as I have been know to faint. I’m generally alright with blood being taken – as long as I don’t see it. Anything going in makes me feel genuinely nauseous!

We have ALL been there!
We have ALL been there!

Being someone who does have the occasional whinge when I’m ill, about being ill, I don’t mind when others do. But this wasn’t put into perspective at all! I was actually quite annoyed to read it. Because I can’t stand it when people overdramatize what’s wrong with them for sympathy. For someone to complain so much about something so little like a cut finger or a filling, makes you question why they’re overdramatizing it, because if it is really as bad as you say, stop complaining and see a bloody doctor – you seem to think it’s painful enough.

I had flu, it’s horrible, but with rest, you get better. You cut your finger, put a plaster on, kiss it better and go back to work. You have a filling, take some pain killers, have a rest and don’t eat on that side for a lil while.

Like I said, I’ve been known to be a bit of a Drama Queen, a hypochondriac and a whinge – but haven’t we all? It’s just realising when to stop complaining and put it into perspective!


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