Being a Blue Peter Presenter – Or near enough!

I can only apologise now for not having blogged in what feels like forever – but these past two months my work has been nothing short of being a Blue Peter presenter.

As a reporter I often take part in activities I’m writing the features on to really get a feel of what I’m actually writing about, but with the features I’ve been writing I feel like the only thing I haven’t done is birthed a lamb and slid down the firemans pole – not that I’m complaining, but it can bloody knackering!

Just some of my reporting antics!
Just some of my reporting antics!

These past two months, I’ve completed cycling sportives (which are knackering to prepare for – you can’t just show up!) been up climbing walls, rode a mechanical bull, took a tour through a decrepit building (and looked fabulous!), held an ostrich egg, met some AH-MAZING celebrities, and even had three, yes, THREE different buckets of icy cold water thrown over me for the ice bucket challenge – and this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Reason for this being – summer is full of activities, meaning the reporters all jump on board to get a good story and there has been plenty!

Besides the odd comment like when a man went “Are you going to cycle on that?” – obviously a cycling snob – and a couple of run-ins with a reporter I don’t get along with, where she was unprofessional and sloppy as ever – but why change the habit of lifetime eh?

It’s been pretty exciting and has certainly distracted me from my blogging – I probably should have been blogging about it!

I would write more, however the life of a Blue Peter presenter never stops as I’ve got a loverrly food fest to attend and get fat from – I say fat, my diet can lack for one day eh?


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