Confessions of a Journalist!


I know, I’ve been a terrible blogger of late; being completely AWOL from the Blogosphere for a while now; but, that’s all down to finishing uni and getting a proper grown up job!

Three years of expensive education done – though I’m lucky I paid the lower fees – and now I’ve got a job as a reporter and features writer for growing newspaper in my home town. I’d been freelance for them for a nearly a year now, but since finishing uni they’ve taken me on as a full time reporter, and I’ve pretty much been non-stop ever since.

Over this past month or so I’ve written dozens of article, interviewed celebrities, worked a festival and even done some subbing and editing!

Basically since I’m not splitting my time between the pit’s and pot’s any more I decided to give my blog a new name and tagline – something more to home… So on my drive home, many moons ago with my guy, we made a joke about counting the cows and once again, I found myself doing it on my final trip home to Cumbria and it reminded me of counting cows – when joking with another reporter in the past I told them of this joke (Which I promise you was funnier at the time – kind of you had to be there) and she said “It’s like that with journalist’s – sometimes you just sit there counting which are cows to avoid.” Over the past month or so since becoming a full-time reporter I’ve learnt I couldn’t agree more as I’ve counted a couple of cows since I started working! So when renaming my blog, the idea stuck and here you have it my newly named and fully redone blog –


This new blog will be the completely honest, no airs and graces, no bull (get it bull, like cows, bull – ok it was funnier to me!) , just the confessions of this Cumbrian Journalist – following my adventures and antics through the working world of journalism – obviously, I intend to be as nice as possible, to avoid any discrepancies, but I value honesty, especially in journalism – I was taught “Don’t lie to anyone to get what you want” – so that’s exactly what I intend to stick to!

So forget confessions of a shopaholic – though if you know me personally it could be mistaken for that! – follow the Confessions of a Cumbrian Journalist, simply just Counting Cows!

P.S. Pinch, punch, first of the month!


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