The Longest Day of the Year: Mother’s Day

Today has been the LONGEST day of the year, and no it’s Summer Solstice, but if you have been under a rock for the past god knows how long, it’s Mother’s Day. The one day of the year you’re meant to remember everything your Mum does for you and tell her thank you for being so awesome. (Though in all honesty I think if you only do it the once a year, you are verging on taking for granted and being a selfish child – but that’s JUST what I think!)

From then til Now - I love and miss my mam everyday!
From then til Now – I love and miss my mam everyday!

When my Mam was alive, she was my Best Friend, and I used to tell her she was awesome all the time, because she was. I was never in the never-ending-ques with flowers the day before Mother’s Day, my Mam deserved better and I planned in advance, always getting her something more special than M&S’s Mother’s Day deal – even if I was a 12 year old who’s borrowed the money off her to get the present – I would try and get her something that she would be appreciative of.

But though she loved Mother’s day (Which Mother doesn’t?), we shared a belief of controversy on the subject: Why only give your Mum the love and thanks she deserves on only one day of the year? Shouldn’t you try and realise how awesome she is some of the other 364 days that are left?

I read another persons blog that summed up some peoples thoughts on this “Today is the one day every year that we are forced to stop and realise what our Mums do for us.” Forced? Even when me and my Mam fought, I was always thankful for everything she did for me. I couldn’t even sum up everything she did – that’s one of the reason’s losing her was like losing a limb.

I don’t think people should have to be forced to stop and remember their Mother’s – they’re the one person who was with you from the start of your life, put up with you in a strop, taught you life lessons, and worried when you were ten minutes later than you said you’d be (Or hours in my case!) and we all know that’s just the tip of the ice berg. If we have to be forced to remember all this on one day a year, I think there needs to be some re-evaluating in lives done out there!

My Mam was my best friend, stuck by me when I was down, suffered my Beatles phase, listened to my problems, supported me, gave me advice, taught me a million things, cried when I cried, took the piss out of me mercilessly, shouted at a teacher for me, supported my blog – even gave me ideas! – and this is just my tip of the ice berg, as my list could go on for days!

So today has dragged in for me, as much as I’ve done to pass the time it’s still light out, Twitter and Facebook are swamped with messages and there was one thing that got me through today not a blubbering mess. My Little Brother is only 6 and he obviously misses our Mam, but instead of making a Mother’s Day Card at school, he made one for me -For everything I’ve done for him, when my Mam couldn’t anymore!

My amazing card of my little broher!
My amazing card of my little brother!

If you love your Mum all you say on Mother’s Day, why not show her a little more frequently than once a year? You shouldn’t feel forced to (Though I think it has been pushed to extreme this year!) you should want to, and I think even once a month people should take a day to appreciate their Mothers – Because you’ll never know when they might not be here any more, take it from someone who knows that feeling!


One thought on “The Longest Day of the Year: Mother’s Day

  1. I really feel for you Rachael, this must be a very horrible day for you. Am so sorry you lost your mum at such a young age-am sure she is even more proud of you now at the way you have dealt with it
    Much love
    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

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