Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse!

It seems thing are really brightening for Spring as I’m feeling the sunshine on my skin and the luck in my life.

Ribbet collagewertyui
My new place of work, me all ready for work, my notes/shorthand and my eek competition win!

On Sunday (yes a Sunday!) I started my first day as a Journalism intern for The Staffordshire Sentinel. It short, it was pretty amazing!  On my first day, I had a go at subbing a few pages, researching events and I got to go out to report and interview people for a national story! I still eek at this last one. Literally ten minutes into the working day I got asked “Do you want to go out with Claire on a few stories?”, quickest, high pitch answer: YES! (I didn’t even allow my blonde  brain a moment to come up with a sarcy or witty answer, as once I’d squeaked out ‘Yes’ my fingers were quickly getting to work texting my Fiance and Dad that I was going out on the job on my first day!) The outing was because a lady had died in a fire and I went with a senior reporter to ask some of the residents about the incident – I put my shorthand to the test and was ecstatic when I got back to the newsroom and it was legible!

It was pretty exciting as first day’s go and I can’t wait to get back to work there! It’s a great team to learn the ropes under, with an amazing boss. He actually said “Sorry if it’s been a bit boring” I nearly had a coronary, if that was boring, what was an exciting day? It’s been by far the most exciting day in journalism I’ve had (besides interviewing celebs and awesome people I’ve worked with) and I was shocked to find I didn’t mind the late night or Sunday working. It all felt so right!

My placement at a school has also come under way, it’s pretty cool and reminds me of the school I went to, back in the day, though, we didn’t have many box computers or books that had been printed after the 1990’s and these guys are pretty high-tech in comparison. Teaching kids is always wonderful, though, it’s admittedly not as exciting as reporting on stories, which I’m pretty much now officially in love with! (Perhaps my decisions I have to make are finally swaying?)

I’ve also been blessed with luck in the competitions department – I won a pair of AH-MAZING La Redoute shoes; they’re just shoe porn for women! and I also won two VIP tickets to The North West Wedding Fair.I can’t wait for both, but I’m sooo excited for the latter! Me and my Guy are planing to spend our Sunday off in Manchester getting ridiculously excited about our own wedding this year! We’re getting the full VIP treatment, so I’m taking my favourite midi dress to the cleaners for this amazing day!

So everything seems to be looking up, at the moment at least. But from now on I’ll be working hard, showing my skills and enjoying the hand I’m being dealt – but hopefully, Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse – or Rachael!


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