News Rooms and Interviews!

I once read that tenacity and persistence are two key factors of being a journalist, that was proven for me today when I landed myself a work placement at a busy, fast paced and well known. city wide, established newspaper; The Sentinel.

I think I’ve shocked myself with this. I’ve only ever really written for smaller newspapers or freelanced, so when their sub-editor got back in touch with me, after a few attempts I was super excited. I put on my best cigarette trousers, my favourite red lippy and got my arse down there to meet him and a lady who not only covers events but fashion and beauty, so was really interested in my that way too!

A little while back I’d emailed the sub-editor asking for work experience, I got nothing of it. But I didn’t give up, it was something I really wanted, and I still blush to admit he mentioned my persistence today in the meeting, commenting “I think you deserve to come in for experience for your tenacity alone.” He then backed this up with complimenting my quality of work in my portfolio.

He was impressed with my worked, the interviews I’d managed to get, such as with Gareth Gates and Sandi Thom, and of course my recent front page pieces. Which, admittedly I’m very proud of, especially as my Sandi Thom piece, as unlike another local magazine, I got the name of her tour correct, whereas their journalist had got their facts wrong.

He warned me about long, anti-social hours, but really got my gears going when he told me about all that was going on that I could be a part of. Such as Great War memories, black tie events and amazing stories. But he had me at the moment he said my by-lines would be welcomed! Eeek!

It’ll be the biggest news room I’ve worked in, but definitely an amazing experience, helping me get that one step further into the world of journalism. It consists of a few days a week, news desk, days out, photography, events, conferences – all starting Sunday!

I’m so incredibly excited!

So wish me luck and I hope it gives me a foot in the door of life of a hack!


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