Growing Down…

When I go home to Cumbria I notice something of some Graduates or some people that are in between employment. Instead of taking life by the horns, they recess. This obviously doesn’t apply to everyone; but there are a select few that instead of acting like the adults they’re meant to be, almost ‘grow down’ and either continue to act like students, or act like that 18 year old that’s just got their ID through!

When people move home again, they’re more often than none hit by the reality that the novelty that you get from being home during holidays or when you’re off work where you get looked after and you can act briefly like a kid again soon comes to an end, because as much as we hate to admit it, our parents can tell we’re in a rut sooner than we can. Though they can often tell us this in a way that makes us act even more like that kid we are acting like anyhow.

Now, I had a fair few moments in my time at home where my attitude could be construed as childish or immature. But I had a wake up call – instead of resenting what my Dad or any would say, about getting on with things, I would (eventually) take it on board, and ended up acting like the adult I needed to be. I got a job (or three!) ended up becoming an Au Pair, and before anyone says ‘oh looking after kids is easy!’ it’s blaaaady not!

I know that a lot of people feel that their freedom has been dashed away in comparison to student life, or living away from home, but that’s simply because you can’t keep acting like a fresher or someone on 20k a year anymore. You’re at home for a reason, to find your feet, get back on the horse and move forward.

We grow up and move on because we aren’t children anymore. If you use going home as an excuse to recess to a former version of yourself, you’re just damaging all you’ve learnt to allow you to get on with your life.

It is acceptable for a short time to act like a kid again, but eventually you’ve got to get on with it. If you’ve moved back home to find your feet after a degree, qualification or unemployment, then it’s not a holiday. That sarcy/cynic attitude you have about jobs/life/etc will get old, saying ‘I’m trying to look for a full time job’ to justify your attitude is just as childish as when you once went ‘Oh I’ve done a huge chunk of this essay, I deserve a night out’ (when you don’t) when you were at uni – come on we’ve all been there.

Finding a job is ridiculous hard at times – believe me, I know – but you if you’re a fresh graduate, or in between employment, your best chance is to keep a good work ethic and attitude despite your circumstances – it’s like a breakup; you cry for a day/week or two, then you get your best dress on and get back out there. If you don’t keep a good attitude, realise that 90% of the time your parents are wanting the best for you (you are crashing in their home to be fair) and remember, you aren’t  a student, a kid or able to constantly act like one anymore.

We all love Sundays in our onesies, eating ice cream, or sunday lunch with the parents, feeling like a kid again. But we aren’t kids anymore and people this applies to (admittedly me at points!) need to realise, to be an adult, you need to act like one – not simply ‘grow down’ because you can!

Comfy for those ‘Kid Days’ but won’t help you out of that in between rut!

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