My Early Valentine

Four years ago today, on February 12th 2010, I didn’t know it, but I met the man I’m going to marry! Cute eh?

Robert Haile and Rachael Grealish - 2010 - forever...(All cliche cuteness intended!)
Robert Haile and Rachael Grealish – 2010 – forever…(All cliche cuteness intended!)

Call me a skeptic, but I simply don’t believe in love at first site – even with the amounts of Shakespeare I read! But I do believe you can meet someone and initially have a feeling that you simply need to know them, and when I met Robert this was exactly it!

I inadvertently met the love of my life on an unintentional night out! Sounds super romantic doesn’t it? Truthfully it was far from. I was heading to a valentine’s day charity event a guy I used to ‘see’ was playing at. He told me my tickets were at the door, lo and behold, he was exactly the d*ckhead I thought he was anyhow and no tickets. So we called a taxi and decided we’d head into town for a few drinks as I was dressed, ready and cocktails were calling.

When we got to town we found a table in a local busy pub. Then a group of guys with a girl came over asking if they could sit down. Eventually conversation flowed between me and one of the guys. He was lovely, just came from work and we had sooo much in common! The girl was snobby and didn’t talk to us, acting too wrapped up in one of the other guys, I thought was her boyfriend.

The evening went on, pub to pub and we just clicked. Eventually I asked the big question “Are you seeing anyone?” He replied yes and that it was that girl. I drunkenly commented “Oh I thought she was seeing laddo because they see so close?” He commented “Yeah, everyone says that” I asked how long he was like “Two years too bloody long” – I thought I’d drop this subject, as frankly I was uninterested at poking into his affairs and he seemed equally so.

We ended up joined at the hip for the rest of the night, he even walked me to a cashpoint as he didn’t want me going by myself in the dark – what a gent! Then there was a chaste kiss on the cheek before swapping numbers and him seeing me into a taxi. But at this point, yes I was admittedly attracted to him, but I was happy to just be his friend and that’s all I intended at the time.

A few days later he dumped his girlfriend – so I was there for him as a friend, but we we constantly talking to each other after that night anyhow. We agreed to just be friends, as we enjoyed our time together. But eventually we shared a cheeky kiss at a party; thus establishing a new found equal relationship for us both!

Robert said to me one day something that’s stayed with me: “You were my early valentine and I didn’t even know it!” – So for Valentines day we always celebrate a bit early – this year is no different, presents exchanged today! He was my early Valentine and when I look at him I know he was the best early valentines present I could ever hope for”

No, I don’t believe in love at first sight at all – but, inadvertently, four years ago today, I met the man I am going to marry, the love of my life!

[N.B: All cute cliché’s intended to make you ‘awww’]


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