Be Positive, Patient, Persistent and GRATEFUL!

I did have some good blog post’s lined up – but I was recently sent a link to a blog, that left me, in want for a better word, mortified. After reading a couple of posts all I could think was ‘You are actually the most ungrateful person I’ve seen – and I’ve met a child that was actually told they have something like ‘Little Emperor Syndrome’!’

[N.B. This may be a little ranty so I warn you now!]

After everything I’ve been through this past year I decided to take up a new mantra for my yoga and meditation – something that would actually help me; this is:
QuotesCover-pic33 - Copy
and trying to focus on what’s been going well in my life instead of any mishaps – and in honesty recently, at times, I’ve felt a bottle of wine away from jumping in the icy stoke canal!

When I ventured back to Stoke it had turned out that my house had been broken into over Christmas and I’d been robbed along with my house; trashed! (Hint the bottle of wine away – though this was a bit of an issue as they’d pinched my wine!) So clearly my mantra has been straining over this stress, but I’ve been trying to think about what I’m grateful I still have. Which was what I did when my Mam passed.

But this blog had sickened even me! One post talked about expecting good gifts for Christmas, another talked of getting an amazing gift and actually going “I don’t have any great want or need for it” and most recently describing an experience that not people would get and actually slagging it off and it’s editor.

Everyone has different expectations of their life and their experiences. But I Believe if you are given something, be it a gift or experience, you should  be grateful for it. I’m grateful that I’ve been given a couple of insignificant items back that were stolen. It wasn’t much, but it was something good to be be grateful for. I’m grateful that I have still one parent and a family of support. I’m also grateful that I’ve been given work experience with some glossy mags – even if I’ve been told at times I may be bored, over worked and underpaid.

All things that may not seem like much to some – and there is many many things in the details of these that I could whinge about, but I wouldn’t and won’t, because – to sound cliché – if I did what’s the point? You won’t grow as a person if you dwell on what’s shit; and believe me I have a lot that’s been pretty shit. But if you whinge about gifts or experiences you run the risk of never being given them again; people will see through an ungratefulness.

What’s the point in being ungrateful? Admittedly, in the past I have been. But now I don’t get it – you’re not gaining anything and you’re not allowing yourself to enjoy and appreciate what is good and what you do have.

I’m seriously not as glass-half-full as I would love to be but I think if you try and remain positive about the good and grateful for even small things, when big things happen and come along you’ll appreciate them even more.  I was mortified when the realisation dawned that people could be so wrapped up in delusion and their own bubble that they can’t even see what’s to be grateful for when it’s smacked them in the face….

I’ve been quite affected by this ungratefulness and I’m not picking on anyone because after have a good ol’ internet search there is so much more than this. But how I’ve been affected is that I’m now more determined to stick to my new mantra – and I could take a bet that if I stick at it I’ll be ten times happier than any ungrateful person at the end of the year!

Sorry to be a bit ranty and next time I will inform you all on some awesome things happening; but for now:

Be Positive, Patient, Persistent and GRATEFUL!


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