Bursting Dream Bubbles

If you read my previous post’s I dabble (in want for a better word) in all sorts of fields; acting, journalism, teaching, loads. Because I want to do so much I like to be kept on my toes with opportunities, and frankly I am. But in all my tenacity I can’t help feeling disheartened and forthrightly, pissed off when someone say’s I can’t or, worse, I shouldn’t strive for what I want.

I was talking to someone about gaining some more writing experience before my placement in a national paper this year. This would’ve been great if it had not have been the last bloody thing on his mind. Instead, he found it useful to actually use the term “I’m not in the habit of bursting dream bubbles, but” – brilliant I thought, he’s not interested. Oh, no, that wasn’t the case instead he basically told me the industry, in all forms, is dying – more specifically “The press is dying – unless it’s celebrity driven, or specialist interest” an actual editor basically questioned why anyone would ever want to go into the industry itself and from what I gathered I should ‘enter at my own peril’ 

What a nice way to spend ones afternoon I hear you say! But cutting through all sarcasm of my own wit, naturally I was shocked! In true nature, I said a thing or two back stating how I don’t think the press is dying – I do however Believe the ‘press release’ is dying; mainly due to social media. But I don’t appreciate being told I should either, not even bother, or enter and wait for the death of employment.

If you’re stupid, you’ll enter your field of work without having ever looked into it’s ‘chances of surviving’ – Take acting: Visual entertainment will always be desired, however trying to get an acting job can be like trying to get blood out of a stone and I had no doubt whatsoever, that journalism would be any different!

Does that mean that you enter at your own risk? Well, yes in a way. But every job is like that. But to be told you shouldn’t even try, says to me that, just because you didn’t have the best experience, doesn’t mean others should suffer at your words -just as if someone walked in saying ‘oh it was so easy’ doesn’t mean others should take it seriously and assume an easy ride – everyone’s journey is different.

“I really am trying not to be negative, but 95% of people seek entertainment rather than information” is what he said for his excuse into why he believes the press is dying. I beg to effing differ! This seems that he has lost faith in not just himself as a writer, but the people as his audience.

My dad say’ “You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink – so you’ve got to make sure that water is the best bloody looking water to drink ever!” It might sound like a lark – or the typical silver tongue of a builder, but he has a point. The minute the readers are losing interest you need to strive to make them want to read again.

I know the BBC certainly learnt this from when they first went live in the 50’s/60’s. You must change with the times, not simply give up and let them change around you. Just like I’ve launched the newspaper I write for into the 21st Century of social media to help it grow and gain new readers whilst keeping better in touch with current ones.

Call me naïve, soft or even overly optimistic, but the moment you decide somethings not going to work, it won’t. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will, just because you want it to. But it’s the trying that makes a difference.

The press may be dying, but the next person he dissuades from their dream might be the person who was to revive it. Putting people off the journalism industry, may even be what’s killing it, how can you fight the fire without the bringing of water?

So I’ve rambled on a bit, but I won’t have someone dissuade people from a dream just because of a biased opinion. This year I won’t be dissuaded from what I want and I don’t think anyone else should be!

Don't go bursting others' dream bubbles just because yours didn't work out!
Don’t go bursting others’ dream bubbles just because yours didn’t work out!

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