The Obligatory New Year Post

To sound incredibly ominous (Pretentious); with a new day came a new year – it is indeed now 2014, scar stuff!

I had intended to do a rather typical new year post, state my resolutions, what I’ve learnt ect. But after a crazy night out (which ended hangover free!) I had a New Years Day of thought and reflection. I used to make resolutions every year; and usually all that typical stuff: Lose half a stone, get a better job, get a car, maintain a completely healthy lifestyle ect. Which 90% don’t last until the following December to be fair. Also, none of my actual resolutions came true last year, so I don’t see the need to make particular ones for this year.

In honesty, I wouldn’t even know what resolutions to make. I could say, ‘Get a good degree’ – well if I hadn’t thought of this until now, nearing the end of third year, the fankly I’m fooked in the uni department. Then there’s the weight-loss resolution, it’s six months until my wedding, I was pretty much already on a gym and diet regime – granted this took a break for Christmas – but in all said, that’s already begun, meaning saying that’s a resolution is really a moot point.

Then there’s a New Years Wish. My Mam always told me to make a wish at Midnight and it would come true. In truth, last year I made the wish that I would finish second year with at least an overall 2:1 and I did, this year I had no idea what to wish for!

This year I intend to marry my Fiancé, Graduate, get on to my Post-Graduate, pass my shorthand gold standard, attend a Shakespeare Conference, keep on as a journalist, but none of these are resolutions.

I don’t really want to make resolutions – promising myself I’m going to do something will make me unhappy if I forget them or fail – so instead I’m taking a leaf from my besties new post (Read it HERE) I’m going to carry on trying hard, not running away when things get tough and just be the best of me I try to be anyhow.

Pretty fair for anyone to ask of themselves any day – never mind just new years. In all I just want this year to be better than last. Going off last years track record, if a loved family member doesn’t die then it’s bound to be significantly better!

I know that seems rather mundane, but promising myself to be a self-made millionaire, win the lottery or become famous is far fetched and if anything, I just want a better year – not a lot to ask for and something I can actually achieve!

So it is new year, 2014, time to crack on, as last year has proven, time waits for no one!
(Well I thought I’d end this obligatory post as ominously/pretentiously as I started it!)


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