This Year…

Wow this year has been interesting to say the least!
I’ve been sat all day thinking about everything that’s happened in the space of 12 short months – especially short since I still feel like May was just yesterday. But instead of writing ten long paragraphs about my year, I’ve made a list about everything I’m accomplished, beaten, gone through and made a point in my life…

This year I have: (I’ll start with something Cheery!)

  1. Officially started planning my Wedding
  2. Broken my foot
  3. Performed as a Cheerleader
  4. Got a 2:1 for second year
  5. Raised puppies since they were 3 days old until just over 2 months (And just managed to let them go with only a bucketful of tears!)
  6. Went to Istanbul with my Sister
  7. Ran the Race For Life in 36 minutes
  8. Became an Au Pair for the summer
  9. Interviewed Gareth Gates and a few other b-listers
  10. Planned a funeral
  11. Attended two of them
  12. Confronted my Bully/Stalker about her actions
  13. Cut in and grew out bangs
  14. Turned 21
  15. Had to have stitches in my finger after dicing it open.
  16. Taught as a drama teacher in a school
  17. Got a journalism job
  18. Passed my 60 and 80wpm shorthand
  19. Became a video blogger
  20. Got sponsored by three huge companies
  21. Ran away home to live in Cumbria
  22. Lost my Best Friend, mentor: My Mam – Who, I’ll miss for ever….

This year feels like the hardest of my life, the longest and the shortest all in one. I’ve done so much, I’ve survived it without the world opening up and swallowing me when something went wrong and learnt some much, about myself and life (just add that cheesy cliché line) – I feel like I’ve aged five years in just 7 months, but now this year is officially coming to an end and this was mine in a nutshell!

Well if this year held some rock-bottom moments for me for 2014 I can only hope what goes down, must come back up. This year coming shall hold some life changing moments for me, that I really can’t wait for… But you’ll have to read my resolutions tomorrow to find out what!

Now it’s time to forget about the past and what’s hurt me this year and party with my friends right into the future of the New Year – Bring on 2014!


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