Feel a little joy this Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve and I’ve been filled with the festive joy – well that or the glass (or two) of Bucks Fizz I had this morning – as something had to possess me to go shopping the day before Christmas – But I did, I braved it and came up with the conclusion – if I can be joyful at Christmas, everyone can -No need to be a Scrooge!

I woke up this morning, to an advent calendar, a glass of bucks fizz and my laptop to have a browse through the blogosphere to see what everyones getting up to before Christmas; when I came across a blog where someone had expressed their views on Christmas gift-giving. Basically it was summed up as: “If I give a gift, I expect one” and “If I put thought into a gift, I expect a gift with equal amount of thought – but if I don’t like the present anyhow, what’s the point?” – Seriously, how selfish is that?

Now, I’m no saint, I LOVE getting presents, in fact the more the better at times. But when it comes to giving gifts, you give them because someone deserves it. Because you want to show love, affection, thanks and (to sound selfish) to feel good you’ve done something good. I was taught you shouldn’t expect one in return. Then if someone does give you a gift, does it matter if it’s what you want? You might see that as putting no thought into it, but that person thought about you enough to get you a present anyhow – whether it’s a £150 Lucy Q necklace or a £1.50 bar of chocolate!

Then when I braved town I found the joy of Christmas hadn’t reached some workers today. I needed to pick up some last minute bits and pieces and remembered I desperately needed a new nose stud, as the one I have is bent. So I went in the only shop in town that has a range. So whilst in there, I was stood silently willing a woman to serve me next, when a girl came up to us, that I didn’t particularly want to be served by saying “What do you guys want?” I was like ‘ok, I thought you’re meant to say “Can I help you?” It went a bit like that, she gave me a bent stud, then the wrong one. I asked if I could have one the same as the first; to which she snapped “Well that’s the only ones we have in that style!” – I eventually picked one and beggared off after that awkward and ridiculous service.

It was like that in other places; but I constantly tried to bare in mind – “It’s Christmas, it’s stressful, people are stressed!” – But really there is no need. If you were going to be stressed, get the day off, or just grin and bare. I’ve worked Christmas eve and New Years eve in a pub and that was bloody awful, but I was still nice to everyone!

I’m no saint, no Ghost of Christmas Present and no Disney-Christmas-Embracing loon, but I’ve also managed to avoid being Scroogey this Close to Christmas; baring in mind this is my first Christmas without my Mum; I can’t see why others can’t.

Sometimes, we have to focus on the positive and bury the selfish and negative this Christmas. It’s not about what you get, but who you’re with and what you’re doing. I’m without a huge part of my life, but that doesn’t mean I should sit around being selfish and ungrateful for what I do have – and I intend to embrace every bit of this!

So with this in mind, it’s time for some Mulled wine and Homemade Christmas cake!

Merry Christmas!

Oh yerr, I did actually do all this myself - eeek Bake Off here I come!
Oh yerr, I did actually do all this myself – eeek Bake Off here I come!

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