I got that Feeling…

I must apologise for being AWOL from the Blogosphere for the past few weeks. So I’ll fill you in on what’s been occupying my time!

I’ve just hit the big 21. Actually Dented my dissertation. Got ALL of my Christmas shopping done. And now I’ve finally travelled hundreds of miles to hit the flooding depths of Cumbria – Though we’re at constant risk of floods (and actually have been) I couldn’t be happier to be home!

There’s been long nights in the Library. Even longer in rehearsals. But it’s all been worth it. I’ve got my dissertation first draft, partly done (and it’s only December!) which I’m very proud of. I’ve also been drilling shorthand – as even if I chose not to do a NCTJ, it will be more than useful and even expected on the MA I’d love to do. I’ve so far passed 60 wpm and 80 wpm and I’m taking the Gold standard exam next year.

Ribbet collage3
Loads of dissertation work, Coriolanus, pressie wrapping and I can’t believe my shorthand was THAT spaced out a month ago!

Then there was December 7th aka the best day of the year aka My Birthday! I’ve  had no desire, since May to have a huge birthday. In fact for a small amount of time (quite small) I’ve wanted to sweep it under the rug. So with Vagas on the back burner, I decided to make it quiet and have a noisy, drunken Christmas instead. (Though there was quite a bit of wine in my Birthday activities!)

Ribbet collage

So instead of spending my birthday money on an excessive night out I pampered and treated myself; along with getting spoilt rotten, by my gorgeous chap, family and my loverrrly friends! I ended up going to a day spa. I got my nails done, hollywood, hair, pedi ect and then I was taken to London for the day.

PariallyRibbet collage2

London is like a different world to me! I went to see Spamalot and the Playhouse (it was Epic!) had pressies bought in Hamleys, Harrods, Choccywoccydoodah Liberty London and I even did a run and jump at Platform 9 3/4 – Where I got a chocolate frog and Bertie Botts every Flavour beans (and YUCK they really do get and taste every flavour!)

With all this conquered I’ve made it back to my lovely home in Cumbria – even if I haven’t managed a night out yet. Partially because I didn’t want to run into my stalker after getting daggers when shopping on Mad Friday and because the weather is ridiculous- we’ve already had floods in weatherspoons ect so I’m holding out for a wee bit!

I lost the Christmas feeling with all the work I’ve had to do ect, but all my work seems to be and has payed off so far – as I still await some results with baited breath – but until then I’m trying my best to embrace the festive feeling – I’ve even seen the best festivey filn of the year – Frozen! (it, is, AMAZING!)

I promise I’ll blog a bit more frequently and keep you up to date with my going-ons in whilst I’m in Cumbria and Christmas!

Eeek 2 days to go!

Merry Christmas!


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