Oh, there goes Mr. Humbug

Pinch, Punch, First of the Month!

Christmas is officially coming as it’s finally advent! But I still feel like the Scrooge reincarnate, my saying is officially “Humbug” and I’ve been trying everything short of a trip to Lapland to get into the real festive feeling!

I’ve been trawling the Christmas aisle in supermarkets, putting up decorations, buying adorable advent calendars, watching Christmas movies, Christmas shopping in my favourite fur coat, tried to embrace the snow we’ve already had (though that was bloody cold and horrible so never really happened!) and even planned a serving of reindeer for Christmas dinner!

Ribbet collage1
Me with the Coca-Cola Truck and in my favourite Christmas shopping outfit!

Shaking this humbug feeling wasn’t going to come easily, but it was certainly lifted a bit when I saw the Coca-Cola Truck. I got a free can of Diet-Coke and got to have a few cheeky photo’s! I really did feel cheerier. Then my Chap told me that he was taking me to London for my birthday. A trip up Oxford street, Knights bridge then of course dinner and a show. What more could a girl want as a birthday present?!

This morning came around and I actually couldn’t have been happier that I could open door No.1 of my Disney Princess (Yes, Disney Princess – because it’s AWESOME!) advent calendar! I’ve been embracing my evenings so far with Bucks Fizz, Mulled wine and Mulled cider, and nibbling on Christmas Chocolates whilst in my Christmas onesie!

Ribbet collage2
Our AWESOME Disney Advent calenders and the snow I did try to embrace – I really did!

I think perhaps the Christmas season maybe looking up for me – with only 6 days until my big 21st, a week until London, two weeks until I’m back in the lovely lil Lake District, I’m trying to focus more on what I have to look forward to rather than what’s making me Scrooge junior!

So I’m trying to embrace all that is Christmas – it’s time to crack open a bottle bubbly, open a box of celebrations, pop on Love Actually and maybe I’ll be more of a Bob Cratchit this year, well here’s  ho ho hoping! (sorry for the pun!)

What’s getting you in the Christmas spirit? Maybe it’ll bring the sparkle and magic for me!


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