On Wednesday’s we wear pink!

Nearly a decade ago Mean Girls hit our screens and at 12, I may not have fully understood all the themes, but I fell in LOVE with this film!

And to get us in the Mean Girls Christmas Spirit

Since then little quotes and notions have found their way into my life – from my favourite quote “I want my pink shirt back” to Cheerleading Mean Girls theme socials: i.e wearing a top with holes cut out at the boobs and even adopting the traditions of “On Wednesdays we wear pink” – where at uni, we tried ever so hard to uphold this – and often jokingly quoting “you can’t sit with us!” when someone wasn’t.

Seeing as I fell in love with the Mean Girls film; imagine what I was like when I found out there was going to be a Mean Girls Musical! It was like discovering the film all over again. Except this time, crossed with the likes of Mamma Mia or Viva Forever!

Tina Fey, who was hilarious in the original; along with her husband are slowly moving along in making the Mean Girls musical – arrrgghhhh, eeeeeeeekkkk…. Was all I could say! [Read more HERE]

I ‘eeeked’ and ‘arghed’ like I did when I first watched the trailer with my besties, all those years ago and I instantly yearned for the simplicity we had only to worry about going to see the film and what we’d wear!

Along with this there’s been Viva Forever (based on songs from the Spice Girls) then McBusted (McFly + Busted = Build me up!), Legally Blonde the Musical (self explanatory) and now my beloved Mean Girls is coming back! I perked up instantly when I read about this. The teenage me came to the surface and at once, I went straight to wardrobe to wear pink, pop the film on and relax in youthful ease.

I’m not just excited about the idea of a new musical based on a film I love, but the idea that I can steal moments from my intricate adult life to have times of undemanding simplicity through things like this!

One last thing: Does anyone else wish they would explain more about Glen Coco?

And for all of you that love Mean Girls and/or Disney, you’ll Love this:

So, get in loser we’re going shopping!


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