All Work and No Play

I decided if I was to deserve an awesome 21st I would work hard in all fields up until then. So I’ve been working hard at uni, on my dissertation, and of course in my new job; which I officially finished today!

Over the past month I have worked my Perry the Platypus socks off and it’s been killing me! In fact I have actually been known to trade my beloved cups of tea, for a glass of wine (or ten) to see me through nights of dying in my onesies – which have slowly become the only range of clothing I wear at home since work finished at 9pm only to follow a 10am start at uni!

All the pain and suffering has not been for none as though; I feel like death warmed up, sat with a sinus infection – often seen crying into a cuppa – but now the works all done, I have a steady course of antibiotics in my system, wracked up a tidy sum of money for a pay cheque and find myself officially feeling a bit less scroogey!

I’ve been feeling like a right scrooge about Christmas since May (For obvious reasons) but my babe of a Dad, my lovely Robert and of course my lil brother Liam have kept me upbeat about the whole festive season, helping me through every doubt I’ve had about my Birthday or Christmas.  They’ve also really helped me when I just couldn’t make it through the really intense days of work.

Then, I’ve certainly not been impervious to the delightful Christmas adverts that have rolled out nicely one after another to get me in a festive/birthday mood.

me and my men
Me with the three men that help me through the tough times!

Now, I have my afternoons and evenings free I realised I’ve been in an ‘all work and no play’ situation; where my sour moods has certainly not helped whilst being ill. But with the work aspect gone and my scroogey-ness is beginning to lift my excitement about my birthday and Christmas.

I’ve got a trip to London to look forward to for my birthday – which I’ve been glad I’m ill now and not then for – then I’m actually really excited to be driving home for Christmas as my Mum already had loads of Christmas presents wrapped before she passed, so even though she’s not with me any more I know we’ll all have some pressies off her for Christmas – which has certainly added to the element of play in my mood which is helping me drudge through this horrid sinus infection!

So now the work is done I can play – well at least a little; as I’ve still got my dissertation to plan and an essay to do, as well as learn my musical songs – but not long til’ my Birthday then Christmas where I can relax, gather my bearings and really play!

I’ve had many jobs, but never as intense as this – and I was an au pair for eff’s sake! –  thank god for my lovely men helping me see it through!

All that said I’ve truly learnt the meaning of “All work and no play makes Rachael a dull girl” or at some points when I was exhausted and coming in straight from work to bed, then back out again first thing to do it all again:
“No TV and no beer make Homer something, something.”

Literally how I have felt for the past month!

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