Pop the Kettle on!

As a typical Brit I have an indescribable love for Tea. In fact, I have such an inexpressible love that you don’t often see me without a cuppa in hand or near by…

For as long as I can remember the answer to life’s trouble’s and turmoils was someone going: Put the kettle on! For me it seems to be my answer is ‘no matter what you’re doing during the day, what’s happening or what’s going on, put the kettle on’ – truthfully my most used hashtag is: #teaalwayshelps – As this is my favourite motto in life. ‘Tea Always Helps’ So true!

I was discussing with a friend how no matter what the emotion; from super sad depressed or angry to happy, joyful or comfortable; even good news or bad news, the answer or reaction is always: pop the kettle on.

Never without a cuppa #TeaAlwaysHelps

I’m pretty much a self-confessed, tea addict, and have accepted this fact – then again, what Brit or Caffeine functioning student isn’t? But for so long people have told me that drinking as much tea as I do is bad for me and I shouldn’t drink as much – blasphemy, I know!

So I couldn’t help feel more than complacent when I read this lil article this morning:

This says that studies have shown that drinking three cups of tea a day can cut the risk of having a stroke by 20% – what an excuse to put the kettle on in my opinion -ok three is, somehow, significantly less than what I intake – and for all I know this could yet be another case of companies approaching scientists to come up with an answer to help them sell more products – or in this case tea bags, targeted at us tea addicts out there – but I’ve been far too excited to share these findings  with the world to reassure my own mind (as well as others that say I intake a wee bit too much) that how much tea I intake is more than good to help me wake up or chill out (as my chap say I can be a right monster in the morning, or anytime (ha!) if I haven’t had a brew!) but good for my health!

So surely me drinking between 6 and 10 (ish, could be more) cups a day means I’m three times less likely to suffer a stroke, yes? Well that or I may turn into a tea leaf one day!

Okaaay, the article does use a choice of words that would suggest there’s no hard facts, like: ‘Thought to be’ and ‘might lower’ and of course, lowering any risk’s for anything does all come down to lifestyle choices, diet and all that jazz, but I’m more than willing to believe and spread the word in order to justify another cup!

Whether it’s fruit tea, camomile, green tea, lemon, ice tea or even your classic (and best) hot cup with a splash of milk, I LOVE tea and pretty much drink it by the gallon and will refuse to see fault in it – well actually, I think it can go cold a bit too quickly in winter, so if someone wants to come up with the tea that doesn’t go cold in true Willy Wonka ice-cream-doesn’t-melt style, I’d be more than happy to try it out for you! But until then, I’ll have to keep refreshing my cup every hour!

Even if it’s true or not, I’m more than happy to feel like a smug little bunny in the idea that I now have more of an excuse that I can feed my addiction and brew up!

So, whether you’re a tea addict or not all I can say is pop the kettle on Luv!

#TeaAlwaysHelps (You should definitely try and help me get this trending!)


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