What DID The Fox say?

Every year around November there is a bombardment of Christmas adverts, and is no surprise John Lewis, every year, leave us in a soppy mess from their ruthless attack at our heartstrings. This year would be no exception:

A Bear and a Hare are best buddies. But the Bear goes to hibernate for winter meaning: 1) he won’t get to see Christmas ever and 2) he won’t get to celebrate it with those he loves  (a bit sappy for me but I love this idea) so the Hare get’s him an alarm clock set for christmas morning so he can spend it with him for the first time.  It’s a Disney-esq, feel-good, made for all those that need some cheer this Christmas and for those that won’t be here for Christmas! What the hell is there to NOT like about this?

But with the lovely optimism of tear provoking adverts, it wasn’t the case of ‘What does the fox say?’ this is more like ‘what doesn’t the fox say?’ as of course Susie Boniface; otherwise known as The Fleet Street Fox, had to have something witty or sarcastic to say about this!

The Fox picks the obvious holes in the storyline to joke about i.e how did the Hare get the clock? Why would the animals work together? You can’t wake a hibernating bear! So on and so forth claiming “this murderous advert is every bit as vicious and cruel as the programme you’ll be watching anyway” [X Factor (ha! that bit’s funny)] – Read on here: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/john-lewis-christmas-advert-just-2691013

It may have been a joke – but it was a wee bit pointless. It seemed like one of those moments where ‘she’s saying what we’re all thinking’ and yes we could all sit there joking “oh that would never happen” but what’s the point? Why be that guy? It’s boring! Is it not far more fun to go ‘N’aww ain’t that a cute advert!’ at least for a couple of days after airing?

I am no one go “Christmas is going to be AMAZING this year – yay Christmas and tis the season” all that crap – because I’m under no illusions my Christmas is going to be the worst of my life so far,  (My first Christmas without my Mam) in fact, I’d be scroogy enough to say she described Christmas to a ‘T’ – even if it was a joke. But, what’s the point? I couldn’t see one.

The advert is pretty lovely and in true John Lewis fashion, had me in tears as soon as the Hare put his ears back. Hit the nail on the head as far as Christmas adverts go. I was still revelling in all it’s cuteness when this joke hit my screen. Which I’m open to, but like I said why be that guy?

It’s a hit and miss sarcastic joke. Call it my northern humour, but I found it to be a bit in bad taste. It seemed funny, because at the end of the day the Fox does have a natural funny wit to her, but was it not just a bit pointless?

NB: All views are my own.


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