Remember, Remember…

November is certainly time for remembering – but it’s not just the lovely fireworks to make us remember Guy Fawkes and the attempt on parliament. Or the 11th to remember those we lost and those (like my great-granddad) who fought in the Great War. I feel like there’s a million things I need to remember or learn this month that I didn’t any other time.

November’s when I was young bared little worry to me except how many sparklers I would get, it was a simpler time. Now it’s all jobs, deadlines, work, dates, times, lyrics, articles dissertation. It’s hectic to say the least!

I actually don’t feel like I’ve had a busier November’s ever – and bar May/June/July it’s like the busiest, craziest and stressful month I’ve had this year!

I got a new job – I’m yet to disclose the details to you all – but it’s fabulous for a talker like me – then there’s my, already dreaded, dissertation, which for some reason, I’ve chosen on the politics of Shakespeares Coriolanus i.e one of his least popular, least readapted and most political play ever – which has some of the least pieces of work/books written on it – but it’s Shakespeare so the tricky part is wading through all the useless stuff and you eventually get to what you need. Easier said than done.

Then there’s my lyrics. I signed up for a Musical Theatre module because my Mam said my 3rd year should have some fun and not just have written modules. That and she was a muso queen; then promised me, because I’m not the hugest musical fan, that she’d help me through it. (She was quite the singer) So I didn’t start this module with the optimism I’d had in mind. Then I fell in love with the song for a prominent Character. But at points it was too high. So me being petulant went through it and went “right, I can’t sing that, I’m changing it!” – crazily enough my tutor liked I went on my own merit to make it suit me and I got this part – Not I have a song to learn perfectly, because the composer of the song will be in the audience.

On top of this I’ve got the article deadline for a newspaper I write for; the 11th. Which I’m hoping to have two prepared articles for! They have to be perfect, high standard. Not hard? Well if I wasn’t nearly writing ‘Coriolanus’ after every sentence by accident, because the spelling has become drilled in my brain, I’m now doing it whilst drilling my shorthand – which I’ve settled nicely at 60wpm, going on 70 so looking good!

Then the one date in the month everyones remembering for a different reason to me: 23rd November; everyone is holding on to their seats for ‘the day of the doctor’ where I’m dying not to have another breakdown as it’s my Mam’s 48th birthday, she’ll never have.

So much to remember, not just poppy’s or sparklers, but words, writing, dates, lyrics – so much I have to cram in to my brain in such little time… Oh for the simpler day when all I had to remember remember was the 5th of November!

5th November


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