We all love hearing the latest gossip. Gawking at the newest scandal. Or simply indulging in some satire, but we often keep it to our circle of friends – or at the most by keeping it anonymous online… But never have I ever seen anything quite like this: – that’s right, a site called: She’s A Homewrecker!


It’s exactly what it says on the tin; exposing the women you blame for the straying eyes of your man. It’s a genius idea in a joking sense. We’ve all had those thought’s where we go ‘Oh I wish I could just show the world how much of a bitch she is’ – but like “normal” people we don’t act on these vindictive thoughts, we have a la’al bitch to our closest girls, sip some wine and indulge our grief into choccy and ice cream. We simply don’t put our story on the internet – especially not along with locations and photo’s as frankly this is completely bizarre!

I found out about this after doing the rounds on my fave glossy mag sites and Cosmo gave us a down-low of it HERE. But, unlike stumbling along cervical selfie’s I actually wasn’t shocked to find a site like this was in existence. In honesty I’m shocked there hasn’t been more of these site’s, where women air their dirty laundry, before. As we all know the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” – but is this not a bit obsessive, vindictive and really stepping on bunny boiler territory?

My views? Well I’ve been there. Not cheated on per say, and not been the woman who’s a ‘homewrecker’ but been accused of such! If you read my last post, you’ll know my chaps ex saw red and green when she found we were together. We met before he dumped her. She put two and two together and came to the very wrong conclusion I was some boyfriend stealing bitch (oh you know, just a day in the life!)- but the idea that these people can now indulge in an unhealthy encouragement of their conclusions actually worries me.

It worries me because these ladies don’t just post their sob stories, but can post pictures (my guess without permission -well how would it look? ‘oh do you mind if I put this picture of you on a website called you a homewrecking slag?’ ph she’s defo going to go yerr sure!) of said “whore” (as they’re labeled on the site), also names (so completely identified) and locations! Yes, there’s disclaimers from the website, but this is far beyond bizarre; it’s metal!

What annoys me these woman act like their cheating men are also victims – which is what happened to Rob and I (she said she felt sorry I ‘made him stray’!) and that the woman is the one to blame – I think the one who is as much – if not MORE! – to blame is the man in the mess. He decided to see another woman behind your back, she can’t make him unzip those trousers and get under her – that’s rape. He chose to cheat on you. If anything, you should be turning this vindictive and clearly unstable brain on him, if you need to turn it on someone, not some woman who could actually feel as victimised as you.

Now, that was NOT condoning a woman seeing a man who is in a relationship or completely victimising her – she should know what she did was wrong, but she was being played too – at the end of the day, he’s cheating on her too with you!

Unfortunately, for those men who thought they’d made a break of it out there they’re soon releasing to expose all those players out there. Sigh, is all that came to mind.

I hate to make blasé statements, but it just seems to pathetic and juvenile. Come on, you’ve been cheated on, why do you want the world to know it? I’d be embarrassed if the entire world could find out easily that my man had strayed. In my opinion it’s completely undignified and encouraging in all the wrong ways – it’s like that one friend you don’t need who goes ‘go on key his/her car’ – it’s all going to end in tears and have you not had enough from the finding out in the first place? I know some ladies have called it therapeutic; write a bloody blog, see a therapist, don’t try to relentlessly shame someone and on a site that’s actually called ‘she’s a homewrecker’ have a bit more pride ladies!

He/She cheated on you, be hurt, scream, cry, throw a lamp at them if you bloody have to (my friend done this to an ex-boyf) but don’t go airing your dirty laundry for the world to see on some glorified world gossip site. Why have a constant reminder that’s permanently online?

Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned, but openly sharing it on the internet, (with identified photo’s of  the ‘homewrecker’) well, I think that’s the start of putting the bunny in the pot!


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