Save Our Civic!

Today I had intended to do a post on my new job and show how perky and happy in the fact that it’s going well and for once I have very little in my life to whinge about – or at least I can restrain myself out of happiness to not whinge as much about the annoying aspects!

But instead I find myself dreadfully unhappy ad whingey about the goings-ons in my home-town and I feel I must share with the blogosphere!

When you live in a small town way up in the north , in the remote County of Cumbria, you value what you have when it comes to entertainment because frankly, you don’t often get much!


But where I’m from, in Whitehaven, I feel we’re lucky for what we have. We get big bands such as McFly, sexy chef’s such as Jean-Christophe Novelli or the awesome Sean Wilson. But we also get everyday things to keep us entertained like drama groups, salsa dancing (Which I must say I’m pretty much a pro at now! ha!) and fitness classes to keep us fit and happy – as we can’t always ramble round the Lake District hills!

This all usually goes down in our local venue our Civic Hall which has sat at the heart of our Harbour town for as long as I can remember. Everything goes on there: From live bands to first aid training. From dance classes to careers talks; it did everything. But now years on it’s under the threat of imminent closure!

When I found this out I was first online to sign petitions, attend gigs and do my bit. But it seems time and time again that there’s nothing we can do; they [they being the owners; North Country Leisure and of course the Council] want it closed to cut costs! (as usual!)

But as I sit here in my beloved uni city I can’t imagine a drive home to find it completely shut for business. I can’t imagine the day that first aid classes aren’t held there. When careers events for 16-year-old aren’t filtered around the venue. But why I can’t imagine it is I don’t actually know where they’d be if they weren’t there! There just isn’t an auditorium or venue quite like it in the area with the size and capacity of the Civic!

But as long as we’ve been fighting to keep our beloved civic hall it seems as time is running out as it’s due for final closure today; October 31st. It certainly seems like tragic timing for it to fall on the dreaded Hallowe’en.

It’s a crying shame that there should be another empty building in a small town that needs the likes of our Civic Hall. We don’t have the West End close – but watching our local drama group do Grease is brilliant to us. We don’t have the O2 area at our doorstep, but we’ve still seen the likes of the Pigeon Detectives rock our stages.

It calls itself home to more than entertainment; like I said there’s careers events, where I decided which college/6th form to attend, first aid classes where I may be scared of blood and be the worst person in such emergencies but I learnt what to do, or classes for those of us that want to learn a new skill or self-defence – as yeah, I can kick an arse or two now! In fact there’s 71 different organisations that’ll be without a venue from today – and I’ll be lost another memory to my home town!

So many empty buildings litter our local towns and this is just another to add the the cost-cutting list.

I won’t even attempt to say I try to remain unbiased with politics and council funding, as I have an opinion as much as anyone and all I can say is when will the cost-cutting end? When towns are simply empty shells of their former selves? This seems to be the way the country is heading…

So, if you are in the vicinity of Whitehaven today head on down and show some support – it’s definitely needed – It’s going to be a sad day when the Civic Hall is officially gone – just another piece of a small community ripped away. I mean it’s called itself home to Morrissey for an evening for effs sake!

We all want to save money in this economy, but some options are better than others… Taking our Civic? I would have never of thought of it!

So long Rock Night!

NB: Please sign the petition to Save Our Civic – even a last minute thought its brilliant!

Save Our Civic


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