I’m SUCH a whinge!

Like any self-respecting home-grown English person, I can whinge, whine and moan for Britain.  So as I sat and watched Educating Yorkshire I was dreadfully aware of how this is not a new fact. Though I’m more grown up, it’s seems I haven’t changed since I was like those whinging, whining school kids – it’s just what I whinge and whine about that’s changed over the years.

Time for a cuppa and a whinge!

It’s that time at uni where you apply to MA’s and PGCE’s or whatever you want to do. Ideally, I’d like to do a post graduate first then a PGCE. for one simple reason: The test’s!

I haven’t sat an exam in nearly 5 years! 5 year’s ago I sat in my school hall with everyone else and practically failed my GCSE maths. Not because I was stupid, but because I was ill pretty much all throughout year 11. I got D. Then I’ve spent the last 5 years forgetting about exams as I took more practical courses.

Why this has anything to do with me complaining is, all I seem to do is go on about the stresses off applying for postgraduates, MA’s and PGCEs and how hard I’m finding it! I’ve been told I could get on to the PGCE I want. I need at least a 2:1 to get on the MA I want. I have little doubt I won’t do well on my degree – but of course the stress is still there. But I put PGCE as my back-up plan because of the more certainty and it would give me another year to think about the dreaded maths you must do!

But all this carping on took me back to when I was at school; when I was a right little grouse about my exams. “Oh I effing maths, I’m going to fail” or “what’s the point in R.E if I’m not going to use it again” – except now it’s “I can count well, why do I need to do a maths exam if I wanted to be a drama teacher” – the inner petulant side has shown it’s face yet again all because of academics!

The funny thing is all this whinginess is usually for nothing! Case and point Thursday just gone: Me and my girls had a good ol’ grumble and worry about a presentation we were doing. I sat up the night before doing some last minute reading and finding any little thing to whine about how I’m not going to do well. Skip to the presentation itself and we settled ourselves nicely in a 2:1!

What it made me notice that at the start of the Educating Yorkshire series I sat their complacently going “oh I’m so glad I’m not a school kid anymore – how whingey are they” – then by the end I’m realising it’s not that I stopped whining, it’s that I just started whining about different things or more grown up things – from GCSE’s to MA’s, I’m always going to be a whinge, I just need to realise, and what I needed to realise when I was the same age as those kids on Educating Yorkshire; is that whinging isn’t going to get my work done or get me a 1st!

Though it may give me an excuse for a work break (night out )and a cuppa (glass of wine) – and who doesn’t need a good whinge now and then?!  Just I think I’ll be trying to keep it to a minimum from now on – Natural British trait or not!


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