Sister Act

As kids, my sister and I were described as chalk and cheese: Two years apart in age, we shared a room, were dressed alike – but were pretty much nothing alike. But, we’ve certainly come along away from the little girls that would fight, pinch and dare each other to cut our hair – often ending in dodgy fringes our Mam would go mad about!

When we were younger, we’d go on holiday with our parent’s, but, we would be lucky to survive a week’s holiday sharing a room ect. If someone asked me 5 years ago what I thought about me and Becca, being good friends, never mind going away together, alone, I would’ve laughed in their faces. Even our teachers and friends used to say we were completely different; like chalk and cheese or nothing in common!

From 1992 – 2013; me and my big sister Becca!

Fast forward 5 years and it’s snapchat here and there, gossip sessions, relationship advice, night’s out and, yes, we did go away together. We jetted off to Istanbul and even lived to tell the tale! Doing it all alone. No parents, no Boyfriends. Just me and Becca! Two people that often fail at organising our clothes, never mind organising a trip to Istanbul, but had one of the best trips ever! I hasten to add, we didn’t have a single spat or argument during our trip – which was often the bane of our parents on childhood holidays.

Our Mam always said she loved the idea of having her daughters close friends and now were so proud of ourselves because we knew she would’ve been incredibly proud of us and how we’d come along so far.

It’s strange how relationships change as you do. How someone you spend your entire life with, never close to, one day becomes your best friend. My sister and I now live very different lives:. But when we got close we realised how similar we actually are. (I suppose and ‘were’ as there was often a game or two of My little pony or Barbie back in the day!)

This was all brought to the forefront of my mind when I was teaching; I saw some young girls arguing that turned out to be sisters. One teacher said “Oh they’re like chalk and cheese” – making me think about my sister and I. But as I got thinking about the growth in our relationship I couldn’t help but feel complacent in the thought that give it a fews years and chances are they’ll be like Two Peas in a Pod!

Family relationships are funny that way, at one point in life were pulling the stitches out of each other; now we often have each other in stitches. I love all my friends, uni friends are friends for life, school friends stay with you – but Me and Becca?  Well, you know some people go “I wish I had a sister that I could be besties with!” – well I can’t help but feel like a self-satisfied, smug little bunny, with a carrot, to know I have!


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