The ‘Ultimate Selfie’?

was going to be your stereotypical British person and do a rather wingey post today on the fact that, yet again my blog post’s have been copied – but, I’m guessing, thankfully for my readers, I changed my mind and had my eye caught by something that’s a bit below the belt:

The ‘Ultimate Selfie’

[NB: Warning I am about to talk about Vagina’s and everything to do with them, I know it’s a bit taboo for some people, so if it is for you, feel free to overlook this post!]

Ribbet collage cervix

The ‘Ultimate Selfie’. Well it’s exactly what I thought it might be, and not! I first spotted the article on Cosmopolitan and all I could thinkof was Charlotte on Sex and the City when she admitted to keeping a ‘Vagina diary, then used a mirror to take a look – but taken, not just a step, but a huge leap further!

The ‘Ultimate Selfie’ is taking a picture of your cervix, to put on a site about Cervixes and how they look. No joke, this is called Beautiful Cervix (and may I warn you it’s not for the faint heart – I certainly needed a strong cuppa [to be stereotypically British] after having a peek!) It’s all about the quest to “Know thy cervix” by using a self-examine kit to take a daily photo of your downstairs and have a good ol’ look at it the ‘changes’ it goes through each month.

And deep breath!

If I’m honest, I could not be a lesbian now for the love of the money after viewing the gallery. I know I had the choice not to look, but I suppose a need to know and sheer morbid curiosity make me take a look. But, so. many. cervixes! Argh! I kept in mind, all us ladies have one, but frankly seeing up-close photo’s of  a cervix mid-smear or mid-period, to a cervix with IUD or post-abortion – was to say the fecking least: INTENSE, a bit garish and scary!

This in mind I had to have a good look into the aim of the project:

The Beautiful Cervix Project encourages women to learn cervical self-exam and fertility awareness as a revolutionary path of promoting respect, confidence, and health.  We believe that this form of self-empowerment and education will help contradict shame and misinformation around women’s reproductive health and choices, affecting positive change from the personal to global levels.

[Taken from]

Sounds legit. The idea of getting to grips on health issues like this is amazing, and a must for ladies. But is taking photo’s of the inside of your hooha and putting them up for the world to see a bit too far? Charlotte kept her own personal ‘Vagina Diary’, which seems fair enough, but wow on the internet?

It’s anonymous, not explicit in a sexual way. Just plain and simply like an online cervix diary which I found kinda gross. Not, because I was like ‘eww that one’s ugly’ as a cervix is a cervix to me, everyone has one and everyone is different. But because I can’t even look at my own cervix. It’s just not fathomable to me.

This goes on to a quote from Cosmo:
“whaddya mean you still haven’t squatted over your compact?”

-What? You have? I have never done this, nor have I had the desire. Call me a country bumpkin, but the only time I’ve have a good look with a mirror was after a Hollywood or Brazilian wax, and not inside, more just an admiration of the art work.

This all being said, I looked at some of the comments and none are rude, the ladies using this site are using because they believe it’s a good idea and there’s loads of women showing their gratitude towards other’s and are now filled with confidence on their own hooha, because others have posted their findings.

The entire concept of taking a picture of your cervix to put online is one of the oddest I’ve heard of when it comes to learning about your health. But some people seem to be really into it and up for it. So if you’re brave enough, want to, well go for it and good for you. It may be empowering to some, but I can’t say that any time soon, will I be posting the ‘Ultimate Selfie’?

Sorry, but, No…


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