The Plagiarist

If you read my recent twitter posts, you may have read I was going to do a blog post on Musical’s and how they factor in my life ect. But as I was putting the finishing touches i.e going ‘no that’s all wrong’ – as I become quite the grammar nazi with blog post’s – I was then inspired by a form of plagiarism!

With blogging, journalism, uni or life, my Mam told me ‘If you can think a thought chances are that someone, somewhere else in the world can have the exact same thought’ – But I think it’s slightly more than a coincidence when you see a blog post, or an article and its main components basically mirror your own.

Right, I know that I’d probably be directed to stray away from what would seem like whining like this; but this is my personal blog about my life and how I feel, so Im going to whinge about plagiarism in it’s bitchiest form.

I was made aware of this the day after I wrote my blog post comparing my relationship with my fiancé and my deceased Mam to Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda. It was a very sensitive thing for me. Heart-felt and hard to voice. But suddenly another blogger had talked of her bestie and just casually slipped in her name then in brackets ‘otherwise known as Yoda’ – why this annoyed me, is that she didn’t copy me with the heart-felt feeling behind it or the intent, it was almost an insult to how much emotion was behind my references., that she could just slip it in like that! – I felt like she read mine and went “yeah that could be alright” and frankly, it felt like more than a coincidence, more like a sheer piss take.

The secondary ‘offence’ was basically the same principle when I mentioned I ran and hid from reality in my childhood home. Absorbing and living in the memories there. Then suddenly theres a blog post up actually named ‘hiding from reality ect’ – I was a bit mortified if I’m honest.

Actually, I was more than mortified, I was fecking livid. At least for a moment. I just couldn’t comprehend how someone could take what was such an emotional felt piece from myself and just casually whack it in their own like it was passing phase.

It may have been relevant to them, but for me, it was more than relevant, it was representing growth and loss in my life – not about a bestie who holds your hair after too much wine or the fact that you’ve maye bit off more than you can chew on a course. This was about the woman who was my ultimate mentor – I could have a hundred best friends that hold my hair, but only one mother who was my true best friend -it was about me LITERALLY running away from reality into a true safe zone of my childhood memories so I didn’t have to face how complicated and hard life was. It wasn’t a case of biting off more than I could chew, i was being choked by the reality of my life!

Ok, that may have been a bit ranty, but it’s everything that went through my head. Not saying that my life has been significantly harder than everybody else’s. But in the grand scheme of things, this blogger is copying things from me to whinge about things that she made the choice to do, knowing the consequences. She chose to do a hard course. I didn’t chose to lose my mother and live up to the obligations I had, it just happened, I did what I had to do to. Running from reality in my childhood home was a choice, but a choice I thought would help me heal. Saying you’re running from reality in a childhood book is a choice, but not one that’s of comparison in the grand scheme of things. Especially not if you’re going to basically compare the two by copying the former!

I agree, if you can think a thought, it’s probably been thought before, so technically everyone is copying everyone else – but in this case, I feel I’ve been a bit hard done by. I know, bring on the petulant child sulk. I had these serious post’s that are all meant to help me heal. Not just something to write about on a blog.

I just think if you’re going to copy someone, make sure you’re not pinching an idea that they’ve poured their heart into over a sensitive subject and then compare it to trivial moments in your life. You might just end up looking, in want for a better word, a d*ck!

Please excuse my profanity, but this is something that more than ‘got my goat’ it ripped at me a bit. I miss my Mam and always will. But losing her and running from it, to me is not in comparison to a besty that holds your hair after too much wine or biting off a wee bit more than you can chew. I don’t want to seem a twat, but people shouldn’t act like one.

Whinging over, I will post something with a bit more class and taste next!


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