Tenacity, Initiative, an inquisitive Nature? Or Just Nosy?

When you come from a really small town waaay up north, you end up pretty much knowing everything about every and vice versa. This often happens rather inadvertently. Due to a close knit community. You end up finding out about the couple that’s having an affair in the village before their spouse does. It’s not that we’re intentionally nosy – though admittedly, at times we are. It’s just that’s the way it is – and always has been!

In any theory that should make us northerns in pretty prime positions to enter journalism. Because isn’t that what they say? ‘Be tenacious, inquisitive, have initiative and basically be nosy and you’ve got it – the stories yours’

Journalism is something I’ve always loved. I even used to make mini papers based on things I heard at primary school and try to sell to my parents and family – so it’s always been there. But my strength in journalism these days is inspired in my nosiness and of course my sheer tenacity. My tenacious attitude has been described in the past as unfounded, second to none – or a pain in the arse if you ask my nearest and dearest.  This trait has helped me many times in the past, and even as I write this I thank god – or genetics (as my mam was pretty tenacious) – for this quirk as I’ve managed to pull some – what would seem – amazing feats out the bag for newspapers. It’s had me stand in the rain and/or cold for hours for interviews or primes shots and even got me an interview with a Pop Idol legend….

A small selection of articles I've written for newspapers in the last few months...
A small selection of articles I’ve written for newspapers in the last few months…

Though as any twentysomething, I’m by no means anywhere near Alan Rusbridger or Michael Billington (For those of you who aren’t familiar they are the Editor and Culture writer for The Guardian.) I chose not to study journalism – and picked my dream to be the one written about in ‘The Stage’ rather than the one writing it. In honesty I don’t regret this. as a dyslexic girl reading journalism studies a university wasn’t something I wanted – I wanted a practical course that would help me figure out my way in life – and strangely enough, may have not made me the next Vanessa Redgrave, but certainly set me up with the skills to pursue any route I wish to take – Cheers Staffs 😉

My tenacity maybe something to be proud of where journalism is concerned, but patience is something more than a Take That song to me now. With teaching I learned the value of patience and how it can help my journalism and my acting. Sometimes people can go full force into searching for a story, but when it comes down to it my tenacity was good – but paired with patience it’s better! – Another thing my lil’ Yoda has made me realise.

What I’ve learnt with my short time in Journalism is that being nosy is great and tenacity and initiative a traits that you can’t be without – but without patience you can simply end up becoming a bull in a china shop. If you don’t have the patience to research a story before you go asking for interviews you might only end up with ‘half a crack’ as us Cumbrian’s would say – and a pretty lousy story… Plus without patience and wiliness to learn I don’t know any journalist that could tackle Teeline Shorthand at 100wpm!

You’ve got to be prepared to take on the hard task of feeding the beast’s hunger that is the country’s desire to know more in the news, but you’ve got to be able to do it at a quality and discretion – which like anything takes patience along with tenacity, determination and the ability to adapt the sheer nosiness of a Northerner’s lifestyle to learn.

I know it’s usually ‘thus endeth the lesson’ but in the case of journalism (or anything) I believe you never stop learning – which if you’re tenacious to know all like me is something that draws you to Journalism any how… So, Thus start’s the lesson!


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